PARIS — The Directon Générale de l’Armement took delivery July 18 of the fifth multimission frigate, marking a step toward an eight-strong fleet. This page details the development and operational history of the FREMM (class) Multirole / Multipurpose Guided-Missile Stealth Destroyer / Frigate Warship. On June 12th in Brest, DCNS delivered the FREMM multi-mission frigate Provence to the French Navy, as stipulated in the contract. This frigate is the second of.

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Italy Orders 2 More Fremm Frigates

Capable of point-defense anti-air warfare, electronic warfare, anti-surface warfare and special operation insertion. The stations are fully equipped with several kinds of fire extinguishers and canisters of agent, including AFFF and F, and in-line eductors for extracting them. One-person staterooms are for the embarked admiral, the captain, the executive officer, and the department heads.

Retrieved from ” https: SSN Rubis class Barracuda class. Three distinct forms were initial planned, one to serve in a dedicated sense to each of the mentioned roles though, in the end, one common hull type was settled upon to fulfill the airspace denial and submarine-hunting roles.

Archived from the original on 2 April Comandanti Cassiopea Sirio Minerva Esploratore. Contacts between Greece and France will begin initially at a military level, starting in February Archived from the original PDF on Range is 6, nautical miles for the Frenm design and 6, nautical miles for the Italian design.


Above 15 knots there is a single LM gas turbine forward of the combining gear. Where applicable, the appearance of U. Fire boundaries on the main deck can be set automatically from central control with the flip of a switch, which releases the magnetized door stops, and the damage control officer can see when anyone breaks fire boundaries he will let you know.

Aircraft Carriers Charles de Gaulle.

DCNS delivers multi-mission frigate Provence, the second FREMM for the French Navy | Naval Group

Rubis class Barracuda class. Retrieved 18 January Images marked with “www. The classes began construction in and the first ships entered commissioned status in Primary mission is anti-submarine warfare. The Italian form is also longer at feet versus ftslightly thinner 65 feet versus 66 ft and has a deeper draught at 17 feet versus 16 ft.

Even the engine room is quiet enough that hearing protection is not required to enter. Egypt; Italy; France; Morocco. Italy has ordered six general purpose variants and four anti-submarine variants. The French Navy has used this warship class to succeed the Georges Leygues and Cassard classes while Italy followed suit fgemm used the design to succeed the Soldati and Maestrale classes.

We are proud to have contributed to the successful firing of a cruise missile from a surface ship, a first in Europe. Got any more questions?

Oh no, there’s been an error

Tahya Misr ex- Normandie. Retrieved 24 October Retrieved 12 May Dauphin Panther Lynx NH Retrieved 30 April Retrieved 14 October To date, three FREMM frigates are under construction and one is being prepared before being delivered:. Naval Group showcases its latest innovations at Exponaval Archived from the original on 18 January Fire away on Twitter: France has ordered six anti-submarine variants, and two air-defence variants.


The ship is equipped with an incredible camera system that exists almost everywhere except the living spaces and spaces like central control that are constantly manned. Four 2,1-megawatt diesel generators. Two Oto-Breda 76mm Guns; cell vertical launch; two three-tube torpedo launchers positioned both port and starboard; two Oto-Breda 25mm machine guns; two NH helicopters.

Archived from the original on There is a long row of terminals and screens that are manned by no fewer than four personnel including the navigator, a bright bridge monitoring the surface search radar, the helmsman and an engineer monitoring the plant status.

Amongst other fremk, it performs the project management for the multi-mission frigates intended for France and Italy. Electronic Warfare EW is also shared and involves various digital fits as well as jamming equipment and decoys.

Alsace and Lorraine are to arrive in andrespectively.