If any person suffers loss or damage which is proved to have been caused by any negligent act or omission of Det Norske Veritas, then Det Norske Veritas shall. GAR /GAR-T Free-Fall Lifeboat Today, an unsinkable free-fall lifeboat is standard equipment on virtually all cargo vessels and tankers. The hull of this free-fall. So Lets see what maintenance we need to do on free fall lifeboats to ensure As per SOLAS we need to lower the free fall lifeboat as follows.

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More things to do on myseatime. I have seen FFLB without hydraulic liffeboat system, fitted with normal lever and wire system to lock down the hook which is holding the boat with a strong point on ship by means of a chain.

Mohammad Irshad Ahmad Aug 9, Irrespective of how we lower the boat, we need to manoeuver it in water every three months.

Every company has a weekly and monthly checklist for lifeboat which we have to follow. Rajeev Jassal Apr 25, For example, external inspection of lifeboat will have many checkpoints.

Freefall Lifeboats

Maintenance required on free fall lifeboats. Test will pass if we are able to release the boat with this full load. Dear Sir, kindly advise if ffeefall boat can be painted on board? Only one pin would come out and lift lifebooat boat to release into the water. Apart from that every month we need to check and operate the sprinkler valve. As the pin touches the rod, and as we keep increasing the pressure, pins lifts the boat upwards.


SOLAS requires to carry out dynamic test with higher loads every 5 years. Launching appliance include the davits and winch of lifeboat, liferaft and rescue boat.

Fassmer GAR – Free Fall Lifeboats – Buy & Sell | Dredging Database

About Capt Rajeev Jassal Capt. MySeaTime Blogs Learn the difficult concepts of sailing described in a easy and story-telling way. In addition, a free fall lifeboat is, in order to aim and carry out free fall from a depot ship to a sea surface, the crew is getting in from a stern hatch.

It is all in the name. Annual Dynamic test of winch brake The davits of free fall lifeboat has hydraulic brake. This is simple mathematical calculation which I will not go deep into. This amendment was adopted in by MSC. The bulk carrier loads the cargo which specific gravity differs in many cases. There are number of components that shore service engineer checks during annual inspection. Only after rectification of such deficiencies service engineer issues the service report.

Ask or answer a question on this forum. As I mentioned, we need to test the sprinkler system during maneuvering of the lifeboat.

We must repair any crack in the hull gzr once. Each of these six areas further have many check points that service engineer will check.

Freefall Type – Products – Fassmer-Marland Ltd.

I personally used to rest the cable on the stopper but it would be wrong to say that other method is completely incorrect. Ship staff need to do weekly and monthly checks which usually form a part of on board company checklist.

Glenn Nov 26, To understand the testing of on load release gear of Free fall lifeboat, we need to understand how free fall lifeboat is released. Every 3 months we can lower the lifeboat either by free fall launching or by secondary means of launching. Asagar Abbas Jul 23, But if you had lowered the boat by secondary means such as davit, you need to lower the boat by free fall every 6 months.


Rajeev Jassal May 10, Good morning sir How much depth of water need for free fall life boat. They say, A friend in need is a friend indeed. The test gzr be carried out with only the operating crew onboard or by a simulated launching as per MSC Circ.

Share your knowledge by writing answers to the question Ask or answer a question. Stay tuned for this section. Seafarers Question Answers Ask or answer a question on this forum. When Simultaneous Release Gear attached to the stern of a mother ship is operated out of a lifeboat, it carries out free fall to the surface of the sea. Lifeboat Self contained air support system Lifeboats fitted on tankers has self contained air support system.

Secondly what is frequency of onload release testing on both types of boats.? Annual thorough examination of lifeboat Every year, lifeboat need to be examined by the shore service engineer. If applied, there should be a PMS job to remove and check the condition of coupling say every 6 months.

The free fall boat HAVE to be launched in the water every three months, or 6 months? As lifeboat fuel quantity is not considerable, renewing the fuel every 5 year is much economical option.