RC Powers must be the best resourced Depron jet site on the internet. to all their plans to download as well as access to a free flight sim to learn how to fly. I can never resist a free plan so I downloaded this one from Dave at rcpowers. com two days ago and got busy. I still have to install the electrics. AeroFred – Free Model Airplane Plans. RCPowers F V3 model airplane plan RCPowers F V3 Details: Type: Airplane. Class: Radio-Control. Use: Acro.

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What a paint job and the wheels take it to the next level. Hello guys does any one has the plans???? Just finished it tonight. After a roll of about 15 feet she rotated to vertical, whereupon I reduced the throttle and brought it into a nice hover about 25 feet up.

Knew better than to stop as I would have been late for work for sure You need to log-in to rate articles. I also downloaded the plans, but then got busy with rcpowere builds.

Rcpowers F 35 + Rcpowers Plans Free

Looking for your store account? Last edited by wmcneal; Jan 19, at Got a video of a flight this morning.

Would you like to edit this plan? Nobel0 on November 19, Every day thousands of modelers visit us and download free model airplane and boat plansplans rcoowers by other modelers Contact us to volunteer as a Listing Editor. Okay thanks I checked there website but it doesn’t say the freee new flyers, beginners, intermediate, etc is that I have flown very few so do you recommend it for me.


Since Dave removed the plan from his website I have posted it here. Post some flight videos if you can when she gets flight worthy.

RCPowers Extra , FREE PDF PLANS! – video dailymotion

Recommend This Article You need to log-in to rate articles. Flying Kiwi on October 4, Some info for all, here is the power set up I used on mine: Hey Bill, saw you doing a knife edge with your new plane when I cut through the park on the way to work this AM I still have to install the electrics,but I think it’s going to be a nice one.

Help to edit plans. You will want a kv motor spinning a 6×4 prop but you can fit a 7×5 prop in there. That is so good wmcneal!

Images View all Images in thread Views: Page 1 of 47 1. It was really fun!

After few more circuits around the field I landed it and replaced the mah battery with a mah and took off again. Upload a Plan Site Editors Link to this page: It was really smooth too. Oh yes i was blind sorry and Thanks for the answers. I plugged in the battery, double checked the control surface movements and floored the throttle.

It was not as stable as I thought it rcpkwers be, so I pushed forward and leveled it out and trimmed it properly. Okay thanks for all the help Log In to reply.

I added wheels and tail skid for takeoffs and landings. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. That all depends rcpowerx what parts you get and where you get them from, there’s a nice master parts list on rcpowers website with links to everything from different vendors.


Show Appreciation AeroFredUneditedPlans has spent time working on this fgee so you can have it now, you can always leave him an appreciation message. It was more stable with the cg moved forward and was easier to hover. Company 3D Foamy Mar.

RCPowers Extra 300, FREE PDF PLANS!

Well, the winds finally subsided enough this evening that I was able to go out to the park and test fly my new Extra under the stadium lights after dark. Radio Control Scale Construction: Log-In Get access to additional features and goodies. Every day our Listing Editors set details like wingspan, weight or model type, on many plans, thanks to them you are now seeing these filtered results.

Download and Upload from and to all Plans Categories. If so, how did it fly? Yup, 4 freee just about right but it can be flow with three using just the elevions. Looking for suggestions for a Extra with free plans.

RCPowers F v2 (A free PDF plan) | Flite Test

Remember Me Forgot Password? I just might try that. The Grayson Hobby motors are nice too. The only bad thing I noticed was that the fuselage twists while rolling fast.