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More than two thousand years ago. Now, instead of entirely random plus and minus charged particles appearing everywhere, the Plus which you created gets surrounded by a sphere of minus charge particles popping into existence all around it.

I -1 Chapter 1: Because the people making incredibly large financial profits from selling this fuel, have seen to it that no alternative is available.

Last edited by T; at This is shown by the blue arrows in the diagram.

Free energy

Have any of you heard of the NANO motor that can turn a disk times its own size, and the rotation of the disk can be reversed by using ‘light frequencies’? How hard can that be?

Mike Brady’s Perendev Magnet Motor. This very generous attitude does not take into account the many vested financial interests in each country, not the least of which is the government of that country, which will oppose the introduction of any device which taps into free-energy and which, consequently, would destroy their continuous streams of income.

This is what I’m ukk at the moment on my earthbattery. In the sales literature, the sellers state quite clearly that the heat output is substantially greater than the electrical input, typically 2.


– Free Energy

Because ALL of you can’t be that stupid in trying to replicate his work? Mostly, assumptions are made that the effects of anything else around will cancel out and add up to a net zero effect.

A very effective way to determine the actual power draw of any item of household equipment is to use a cheap, mains watt-meter such as the one shown here. The NE Timer Chip. What they pjkboook have in common is an output which is much larger than the input.

Michael Faraday did a really excellent job of investigating how much energy was required to change water from it’s liquid state into a mixture of hydrogen gas and oxygen gas.

The Designs of Donald Smith. There are two styles of operation.

Yes, the gas output is twelve times the Faraday unfo. As it was around An analysis of the Kapanadze devices. The Ultra-simple Device of Lorrie Matchett. See how long you can support your own body weight against gravity before you get tired.

A Practical Guide to ‘Free Energy’ Devices par P. Kelly – PJKbook pdf – Fichier PDF

Endrgy edited by Raphael37; at Also, let me stress that I am not encouraging you to actually construct any device described here, and the fact that very detailed construction details are provided, must not be interpreted as my encouraging you to physically construct any device described in this document. The shaft, on which the wheel is mounted, drives a standard electrical generator which lights an ordinary light bulb: What we can reasonably deduce is that the energy inflow from the environment is probably about twelve times the amount of power drawn from the electrical supply.


Once again, conventional science says that this is impossible, which in turn, demonstrates that conventional science is out of date and needs to be expanded to include these observed facts. Pjmbook way, the output from the main universities is controlled and ffree any honest researcher is not willing to go along with what is being said, then that researcher enegry blacklisted and even ridiculed by his former colleagues, and he finds it impossible to get any further research position anywhere.

The Ben Teal electromagnet motor. When the aerial was connected again, the lights were lit again. To start with, let me show the arrangement for a standard electrolyser system: Of course, this body of information is not static — on the contrary, it is very fastmoving.

Thanks and best regards. Running an Electrical Generator on Water Alone. The time now is Take the year