Under the Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act (FRBMA) , both the Centre and States were supposed to wipe out revenue. The Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act, (FRBM Act) is an act of Indian Parliament to institutionalize financial discipline. Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management (FRBM) became an Act in The objective of the Act is to ensure inter-generational equity in.

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These fiscal indicators are as follows: Retrieved 16 July Yashwant Sinha in December, However, due to the global financial crisis, this was suspended and the fiscal consolidation as mandated in the FRBM Act was put on hold in This was in view of the new school of thought which believes that instead xct fixed numbers as fiscal deficit targets, it may be better to have a fiscal deficit range as the target, which would give necessary policy space to the Government to deal with dynamic situations.

Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act (FRBMA)

Total outstanding liabilities as percentage of GDP. The FRBM Act in its amended form was passed by the government to bring fiscal discipline and to implement a prudent fiscal policy. The task force proposed the following measures: The Committee consisted of Dr.

It required the Finance Minister of India to only conduct quarterly reviews of the receipts and expenditures of the Government and place these reports before the Parliament. The provisions of this act shall be in addition to the and not in degradation ofthe provisions of any other law for the time being in force.

Too often, attention gets focused only on the expenditure side of the identity to the neglect of the revenue side. The Committee had wide ranging Terms of Reference ToR to comprehensively review the existing FRBM Act in the light of contemporary changes, past outcomes, global economic developments, best international practices and to recommend the future fiscal framework and roadmap for the fgbm.


Larger fiscal deficit lead to higher inflation Larger fiscal deficit increase external vulnerability of the economy.

Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act, 2003

But, deficits of state governments are as much or even a greater problem. Impact on development Has the law been successful to ensure that the growth momentum is maintained, without either significantly fueling inflation or curtailing socio-economic welfare expenditure?

Government of India was on the path of achieving this objective right in time.

This page was first created on 16 Augustat A revenue surplus of 0. That is, if credit growth falls, fiscal deficit may need to rise and if credit rises, fiscal deficit ought to fall — to ensure adequate money supply to the economy.

Income tax exemption limit to be increased to Rs. Firstly, the bill highlighted the terrible state of government finances in India both at the Union and the state levels under the statement of objects and reasons.

Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management FRBM Act

Vodafone Business Services Digilogue – Your guide to digitally transforming your business. It is the responsibility of the government to adhere to these targets. The Act binds not only the present government but also the future Government to adhere to the path of fiscal consolidation. However, due to the international financial crisisthe deadlines for the implementation of the targets in the act was initially postponed and subsequently suspended in Chandrashekhar and Jayanti Ghosh who have given the following arguments: The FRBM bill clearly states that the Finance Minister shall review every quarter, the trends in receipts and expenditure in relation with the budget and place it before both houses of parliament the outcome of such reviews.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Today, the levels of capital expenditures by the government are aact low in India. Remember me on this computer. Parallels were drawn to the US experience of enacting debt-ceilings and how lawmakers have traditionally been able to amend such laws to their own political advantage.

However, it is quite likely that the government will be under severe pressure to continue the subsidies. Fiscal deficit as percentage of GDP. Taking into account the recommendations of the Standing Committee, a revised Bill was introduced in April Hence, it will be the duty of the Union government to stick to deficit targets. Army Navy Air Force. However the central government may borrow from R. The task force proposed the following measures: Increasing non-tax revenue requires that public sector services be appropriately priced, which may be difficult as the present society has got used to the subsidised education, health, food items, etc.

The Comptroller and Auditor General of India had pulled up the government for deferring the targets which it said should have been done through amending the Act.

Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act, – Wikipedia

Larger fiscal deficit increase external vulnerability of the economy. Therefore, there is a need for fiscal responsibility legislation for the Ac Governments as well. However the central government may borrow from R.