Francesco Carotta, – The spreading of these texts is free, except for commercial purposes. SUMMARY. The question is: IS JESUS DIVUS JULIUS?. There are many parallels and strange similarities like this to be found in the life of Julius Caesar and the stories of Jesus Christ Too many. Jesus Was Caesar by Francesco Carotta, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Sulla had massacred all opposing politicians when he had gained power and piled their heads in the forum. Carotta argues that the multiple parallels he sees between the lives and cults of Caesar and Jesus can best be explained by his theory that Jesus Christ is based on the deified Julius Caesar, transformed and mirrored in the eastern Hellenistic and judaizing regions of the Roman Empire.

Clodius entered the house but not through the front door. Tramaine Peoples marked it as to-read Mar 22, Perhaps not surprisingly, with three or four major world religions at stake, all of them accepting the historical truth of Jesus’ existence, though valuing him differently, Carotta’s theory has had a hard time to reach the public.

Product details Format Hardback pages Dimensions x x It is all a recipe for disaster. For example, they would not recognize the baby Jesus, that is Octavianus, as the son of God.

However, the quality and depth of csesar version of Carotta’s book is excellent. A Lame Person Latin: This is augmented by comparisons from archaeologynumismaticsiconographyliturgyand ritual traditions. While I think some of his conclusions are not supported, many are impossible to ignore, and I must admit his arguments raise many question Calling this book provocative is an understatement.

Francesco Carotta

Hairheron added it Sep 25, Or is it suggesting Jesus was ficticious, and simply made up from bit’s of Caesar’s biography? I had perfectly legible Latin texts to work with. Corfinium and Capernaum respectively are the first cities in which francewco arrive.

A much better researched and structured book on a Roman Emperor dynastic origin of Christianity is Atwills, “Caesar’s Messiah”, in which he proposes that Titus was Jesus. This page was last modified on 9 Decemberat Now I’ve got coffee over my keyboard. Looking for beautiful books?


Jesus Was Caesar : On the Julian Origin of Christianity, An Investigative Report

The resemblance of the names is astonishing too: Daniel marked it as to-read Apr 22, Jesus Was Caesar examines these intriguing mirror images. Replies to this message: The cult surrounding Jesus Christ, wsa of God and originator of Christianity, appeared during the second century.

Besides the trivial parallels, such as initials JCdate of frsncesco the Ides, the 15th, of March and year of birth years apartthe oddity that the highest seat of Christianity is in Rome, Caesar becoming Pontifex Maximus in 63BC, a title which was passed on, through the Roman emperors, to the popes, the first churches being erected at Caesar proclaimed Caesag by his peers and Augustus by extension the son of God temples with the most prominent one, of course, in Romethe parallels are in fact much stronger and deeper.

Jef marked it as to-read Mar 08, Are the Gospels built on the life of Caesar, just as the first Christian churches were built on the foundations of jfsus temples? So he guessed “Myrrh and gold, and Frank’s good sense.

Francesco Carotta – Wikipedia

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Here’s a quote from the book, that lists just some of the stuff I find interesting. Paul de Ridder rated it really liked it Dec 04, To see what your friends thought of this book, please carorta up.

Are the Gospels a ‘mis-telling’ of the life of Caesar – from the Rubicon to his assassination – mutated into the narrative of Jesus – from the Jordan to his crucifixion? Message 2 of 33 Apr 06, Sarah Pangloss rated it liked it. Trivia About Jesus Was Caesar. Almanach vom Kore VerlagFreiburg: When I studied, well attempted to study, Latin in school and had to do exams, I would understand enough of texts which needed to be translated to get bits right, but by far not enough to come even close to the original meanings of the texts, basically inventing interpolations just to make sense of the bits I did understand.


This page was last edited on 24 Novemberat Both have to cross boundary rivers: He argues that, following this initial transposition, there was at first a redaction of the Caesarian Ur-Gospel inspired by Augustan history and theogony, whereby the later synoptic gospels by Matthew and Luke incorporated among other pericopes the Nativity of Jesusoriginally transposed from the nativity of Augustus, and the resurrection narrative, according to the chronological-biographical structures in the historical account by Nicolaus of Damascus.

Bas Nordkamp rated it liked it Jan 13, There are many parallels and strange similarities like this to be found in the life of Julius Caesar and the stories of Jesus Christ Thats not inherently silly. The masses of people in Rome are wildly enthusiastic because finally, Rome is theirs and they now have a chance to participate in the way things are run. Danny Metcalfe is currently reading it Oct 02, To ask other readers questions about Jesus Was Caesarplease sign up.

On caesa Julian Origin of Christianity: Newer Topic Older Topic. Francesco Carotta born in VenetoItaly [1] is an Italian writer who developed a theory that the historical Jesus was based on the life of Julius Caesarthat the Gospels were a rewriting of Roman historical sources, and that Christianity developed from the cult of the deified Caesar.

The stormy seas that are crossed by Caesar and Jesus also act as borders: These were uneducated people attempting to translate documents when they had vrancesco a very poor knowledge of not only the languages used, but also of the subject matter itself.

Message 7 of 33 3: Tankulanpasagi marked it as to-read Dec 02, Basically, the mistranslation of Latin history used in the worship of Julius Caesar or: There are a lot of interesting new ideas in it to mull over.