Forugh Farrokhzad, Another Birth, Selected Poems Translated by Ismali Salami Zanbankadeh Publication Modern Persian Poetry Page 20 ISBN: . The poetry of the great Iranian poet Forugh Farrokhzad فروغ فرخزاد Translated into English Photos and Interviews Let us Believe in the dawn of the cold. Forough (Forugh) Farrokhzad was an influential Iranian poet and film director. She was a . Sin: Selected poems of Forugh Farrokhzad, translated and edited by Sholeh Wolpé, (Fayetteville [Arkansas]: University of Arkansas Press, ) ISBN.

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Forough Farrokhzad

The wind blows in the alley and it is the dawn of destruction. Then it is finished and they turn into greedy, indulgent, oppressive, shortsighted, miserable, and envious people. This sad heart of mine and profuse light? The Wind Will Farrokzad Us In my small night, ah forigh wind has a date with the leaves of the trees in my small night there is agony of destruction listen do you hear the darkness blowing?

I will adorn my ears with twin-cherry sprigs, wear dahlia petals on my nails. The Silent Historyby Eli Horowitz. I know the secret of seasons, know the language of moments.

Her poetry was the poetry fforugh protest– protest through revelation– revelation opems the innermost world of women considered taboo until thentheir intimate secrets and desires, their sorrows, longings, aspirations and at times even their articulation through silence.

One can draw back the drapes with wrinkled fingers and watch rain falling heavy in the alley a child standing in a doorway holding colorful kites a rickety cart leaving the deserted square in a noisy rush.

Where have I been? I saw his reflection, pure and bright as the mirror and suddenly he called to farrokhzaad, and I became an acacia bride….

I am not talking about timorous whispering In the dark. And with his eyes closed he can recite all the hard words in the third grade book, and he can even take forughh a thousand from twenty million without coming up short. Archived from the original on Please tell me which poem contains dancing on wine glasses. Beloved, my truest friend, How aged was that wine? Sexual Politics in Modern Iran. My lot is a gloomy stroll poemz a grove of memories, and dying from longing for a voice that says: In that dark and silent seclusion I looked into his secret-full eyes.


You carry it with you, even if in fragments, even in another country. She broke with many traditional conventions and thus exercised an immeasurably important influence on modern Iranian poetry. With the cold moments of the past fleeting by, Your farrokhzda eyes contained in your silent demeanor build a wall around me And I flee from you to a pathless path. In Februaryon the occasion of 50 years since Farrokhzad’s death, the year-old Golestan broke his silence about his relationship with her, speaking to Saeed Kamali Dehghan of The Guardian.

Featuring four writers from the Iranian diaspora and a survey of post-apartheid South African crime fiction. What to Read Now: In rorugh I learned to read them in the original Persian. I feel sad, Foeugh feel blue.

Forugh is given few visiting rights, and the child is brought up with the impression that his mother has abandoned him for poetry and the pursuit of her sexual pleasures. She is the author of the bestseller The Ffarrokhzad Daughter: More fruit than golden boughs you yield!

From the summer of through DecemberFarrokhzad published five poems in various issues of Farorkhzad. I smell the four-petal clover which has grown on the tomb of archaic meanings. Alas, this is my lot. Selected Works in Persian. I will plant my hands in the garden I will grow I know I know I know and swallows will lay eggs in the hollow of my ink-stained hands.

Forugh Farrokhzad

She continued her education with painting and sewing classes, and moved with her husband to Ahvaz. I sinned, a sin all filled with pleasure next to a body now limp and languid I know not what I did, God in that dim and quiet place of seclusion.


The World of Persian Literary Humanism. I am scared of the rarrokhzad of so many useless hands and of vorugh so many estranged faces. A man passes by the wet trees, a man whose strings of blue veins are dead snakes wrapped about his throat, pounding his angry farrokhsad with those bloodied syllables; Salaam. In that dim and quiet place of seclusion I looked into his eyes brimming with mystery my heart throbbed in my chest all too excited by the desire glowing in his eyes.

I shouldered my burden and did my share.

How they stand at intersections, worred about accidents and whisltes commanding Stop! Page2 – on this page: Forough Farrokhzad on Farrokhzad Foundation. In my small night, ah the wind has a date with the leaves of the trees in my small night there is agony of destruction listen do you hear the darkness blowing? You are the convulsions of ecstasy in my body, like a garment, the lines of your figure covering me.

Forough Farrokhzad Poems – Poems of Forough Farrokhzad – Poem Hunter

Win a Lit Hub tote bag! I will come, I will come. The Captive [ Asir ]. In this verse, I grafted you to trees, water and fire. Will I step up the stairs of curiosity to greet the good God who strolls on the rooftop? This din of life in the abyss of blight?

Ah this is my lot this is my lot my lot is a sky which is taken away at the drop of a curtain my lot is going down a flight of disused stairs a regain something amid putrefaction and nostalgia my lot is a sad promenade in the garden of memories and dying in the grief of a voice which tells me I love your hands. Let us believe in the ruin of imaginary gardens, in idle inverted scythes, in confined seeds.