Form: DD Material Inspection and Receiving Report. This form is available at Current Revision Date. DD Material Inspection and Receiving Report The Administration Menu has the option of presetting the DD Form. This form can be printed out directly. Form Approved. OBM No. Public reporting burden for this collection of information is estimated to average 30 minutes per response, including the.

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The government requires that you provide advance notification. Discount Terms —the Terms of Payment defaulted on the document. Mailing Address — default from the User file. Enter your Procurement Instrument Identification Number.

Create DD250

Prime Contractor Box 9. Commercial Telephone Number — default from the User file.

Unit Price —the Line Unit Price. Administered By Box Signature MUST also have written or typed below: Description of supplies delivered or services performed Box If you are unsure of the appropriate codes to use, contact your contract administrator for assistance. Click on Print from the Print List you can also save, fax or email.


Date supplies delivered or services performed Box Enter your shipped from and shipped to locations, as well as the payment and marked for information.

In either format, it is the responsibility of the contractor to prepare, submit for acceptance source or destinationand make distribution of the DD Provide the completed form to your quality inspector. Select the DD Form. Contract number Box 1.

Department of Defense Form – AcqNotes

DD Form option A. If your contract sd250 discount terms with the U. Enter your order number, invoice date and number of pages that are included in this report.

Unit —the Line Unit of Measure. Once you have entered the relevant information for the form in the Screen Setup, the DD form ds250 be printed from the Pick Ticket or the Sales Invoice. Printed Name, Title, Mailing Address. Your shipment number and date shipped can only be entered after you have initiated the shipment process.

Government, enter those terms on Line 5. Shipped From Box Pick Ticket — DD Form.


Requisition number Box 1. In Edit Mode you can enter the following. Complete the list of information that will be shipped. You must notify your quality inspector or contract administrator when you are ready to complete the inspection. Therefore, there are 2 different places to setup the form to accommodate both places the form is available to print from: Marked For Box Click on d250 Print button. Contractor Use Message Box The DD does not have sufficient space to include all seven dd2550 listed above.


Typed Name — User name.

DD government Inspection and Receiving Report.

This information should be completed according to your contract agreement. From the Pick Ticket or Sales Invoice. Go to the Print Menu. System Standard Form Setup. Errors in completion of this form may delay processing by the CMO and could result in delay in recording of deliveries and payment d2d50 invoices.

The inspector will review your products and complete Section 21 of the report.