The Persecutor (alternatively titled Forgive Me Natasha or Sergei; known as El Esbirro in Spanish) is the autobiography of Sergei Kourdakov. It details his early . Forgive Me, Natasha by Sergei Kourdakov, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. According to Wikipedia, the book was translated into at least fourteen different languages, sometimes titled, Forgive me, Natasha. Millions of.

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He says any people who would have been interviewed would have been carefully chosen and instructed what to say. Although I terribly feared being on camera and feared and hated even more watching myself on camera, I agreed fairly readily mainly because of this vision.

The dialogue was also borderline ridiculous. Some of the criticism towards Underground Evangelism was its alleged kourdwkov of Kourdakov for profit.

They are slower and more pronounced than what I would have expected from a deceptive person. I am glad that I was able to read this book and learn about this mans life. I believe he was VERY sincere about his account. My lack of understanding, which had been like blinders on my eyes, left me right then, and the words bit deeply into my being.

From then on he decides the give up the police force, however they don’t want to let go of him. It reminds us that with God there is always hope. I believe that he was genuinely angry and disgusted.

Is that the gist? Your relationship with God is a private one. I read the Persecutor about five years ago, and I must say that this book really spell bounded me in such a way like few stories ever have. I did not say that he fabricated the story of his swim in the ocean.

It’s about a young Russian man who persecutes Forgivf due to being raised believing they’re evil, then ends up kourdskov one and suffers because of it. My first response to this witness was to be suspect because of the repeated shoulder shrugs.


Sergei quickly realized this would be his kokrdakov last opportunity. He is next seen turned completely, facing the camera. Overall I loved the book and anyone interested in reading it should, I promise you will love this book.

The incident helped form my current understanding of the vision — that He truly wants to be the author of our lives. When faced with what she saw as a mountain of evidence, she felt compelled to change her position by what she believed to be the kkurdakov.

Kourdakov planned escape that night, but had to perform one more shift as a radio officer before sunset. Therefore, his book is an unreliable source for those interested in the history of Russian Christians during the Soviet era.

I find it difficult to let go of and forget Sergei Kourdakov himself. He soon formulated a plan that would involve him swimming across the Tisza river to Hungary using an aqua-lung he acquired at a black market.

Sergei was struck by the beauty of one girl, Natasha Zhdanova, who they found at a meeting and battered severely. According to Wikipedia, the book was translated into at least fourteen different languages, sometimes titled, Forgive me, Natasha.

If some of it came out of someone’s mouth, I would give them an odd look because it just did not strike me as something anyone would say.

In JanuaryKourdakov graduated from the Petropavlovsk Naval Academy as a radio officer and was assigned to duty on a Soviet Navy destroyer. Click here for the transcriptwhich is based on the provided subtitles. This male was identified as Lt. During forgjve time Christianity was persecuted. My findings of forgivve eleven video segments are provided below.

Apr 10, Scott rated it really liked it.

As the journalist in the film, I did discover an interesting detail that I wish we had captured in the film the readers of this blog seem like an audience who cares enough about the details to hear this fact. At the end of the documentary, you are shown listening to your pastor talk about believing and having faith, and he seemed cultish in light of what you had experienced.

With the strong presence of the FLQ in Quebec and the Russian embassy in OttawaSergei decided to move to Toronto and stay with a Russian family who offered him a place to live.


Therefor and for many sergi reasons I do not doubt he could have made it in that water.

Forgive me, Natasha and Sergei!

He was visited by many people, usually new friends and acquaintances. He was making his plan to escape.

Clearly, Bass became angry. In fact, she had claimed that she had had a vision from God in which she was a pen in His hand. Interview 3 — Sergio Kanonenko. This book reads like a novel and is beyond compelling. Kourdakov was so amazed with the city that he stated later that his “eyes almost popped out as I looked at the cars and nice homes.

Soon, he began criticizing Joseph StalinLeonid Brezhnevand eventually communism itself, at one point shouting that “Communism is the worst curse that has ever come to man!

Forgive Me, Natasha by Kourdakov, Sergei

After telling Kourdakov korudakov he had gone through his record all the way to his days in Children’s Home Number One and complimented him on his ability to captivate people so well during speeches, he stated his desire to place him as the leader of this new group.

He usually only caught these believers praying, singing or reading the Bible. He still retained his position as the leader of the academy’s Communist Youth League and continued to compete in the school’s sports, primarily consisting of wrestlingjudokarateand track. He would leave Russia. The darkness of the liar devil will never cover up the light of the true god. It really impacted me all the hardships and craziness that happened and made me want to continue reading kourddakov know how he and natashha society worked and survived.

Caroline is a pleasure to cross words with you, thank you very much.