Buy Warmachine Forces of Menoth (SC): Game Accessories – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. What’s Included? (1) Warmachine Protectorate of Menoth rulebook Specs: Publisher: Privateer Press Hard or Soft Cover: Hard Cover Faction: Protectorate of. The Protectorate of Menoth is one of the eponymous Iron Kingdoms and one of the main factions in Warmachine. They are the obligatory.

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And yes, Cygnar are the Mary Sue good guys of the setting. The nation is a strictly ruled theocracy. While Cygnar and Khador fought each other and made Cryx stronger, the Protectorate marched its forces and stopped the Cryxian forces from stealing an Orgoth soul well. Even the church isn’t as bad as is sometimes said. Thousands of years ago he created mankind as servants.

Military of the Protectorate of Menoth | Iron Kingdoms Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The office is currently held by Bron Scisson which makes him the highest ranking secular officer. Menites outside of the Protectorate don’t fare much better. The Military of the Protectorate of Menoth has risen rapidly since the establishment of the theocracy, growing from a small, hobbled self-defense force to a force capable of subduing the Idrian tribes to a real army capable of challenging both the Cygnaran and Khadoran militaries as an equal.

Now they’re fighting Khador over Llael, and some of the locals are starting to find they prefer mmenoth frozen Iron Fist of the non-Russians over the burning Iron Fist of the Protectorate. fforces

The Protectorate as a whole have a much better relationship with the dwarves of Rhul and the elves if Ios, although they’re still not well-trusted. Feora, Protector and Priestess of the Flame is technically subordinate to Kreoss but retain considerable autonomy in the south. Tristan1 is the Protectorate’s journeyman warcaster. People are a bit split on him, but in general he’s not bad. While members of the “Old Faith” which are a bit more conservative compared to the Sul-Menites in the south are a fairly large group in Khadorthey are sometimes treated with disdain due to the tensions between Khador and the Protectorate.


Seemingly left to their fate, many humans felt Menoth’s lessons felt hollow, foorces the Twins, the upstart gods Morrow and Thamar’s message of hope started sounding more and more appealing. Even in death fprces still serve Menoth. Following their defeat, the Menites bided their time in the harsh lands east of Caspia; there they built an army in secret, preparing for the day when they could defy those who mwnoth to control them and seize hold of their own destiny. Sign Menotb Don’t have an account?

In short, for a devout menite, the Protectorate is probably the best place to be.

Military of the Protectorate of Menoth

His successor, Severius, also has a very hands-on approach to leading, and was until recently on the frontlines in Llael, converting and burninating locals and enemies alike. As of currently, both she and the Testament of Menoth the second closest forcds to Menoth are missing and nobody knows where they went perhaps save Severius. The Cygnarans are occasionally quite religionist, throwing Cygnaran menites into a terrible prison Although most of these were released after the civil war.

His spellist is a menotj weird, but at least he has Ignite for extra damage and 7 focus.


I’m going to save these Cygnarans and Khadorans anyway, because at least they’re not robozombies. Also, with the fight against Cryx ramping up, the Protectorate is pretty much the only nation that can count on their souls being saved from the Cryxian necromancers.

Then the Scrutator petulantly says they don’t do it enough and has them all crucified, because Scrutators argue like that fifth grader who used to punch you forcfs you disagreed with him. The dwarves and elves are two of the few races that are free to worship their own pantheons in the Protectorate.

Protectorate of Menoth – 1d4chan

This, combined with Thamar’s gift of arcane magic, allowed Immoren to drive out the Orgoth, resulting in the Menite church being a shadow of its former self. In the game she’s primarily a defensive warcaster who focuses on aiding infantry by keeping them alive Harbinger takes damage, infantry dude stays alive for another attack.

That said their luck seems to be running out as they failed to claim Caspia, their main goal since Day 1 Arguably because this would effectively kill off Cygnar as a faction so you will not ever see this happen ever fluff wise, it could also mean that letting Cygnar fall will empower the Devourer wurm too much so on the Cusp of Victory Menoth takes the leader.


Their armies sweep across Immoren as a holy tide, darkening the skies with the soot and smoke from the holy flames of their crusade. Take command of the zealous holy warriors of the Protectorate of Menoth with this fully loaded battlegroup box! Ultimately all answer to the Hierarch who is the head of both the Sul-Menite Temple and the Protectorate. At this time, Caen was also a pretty bad place, covered in monster-infested forests and jungles where cannibals and other savages lived.

Currently in the fluff he’s working on recalling the Northern Crusade the army that’s been mainly fighting Khador in Llael and converting peopleafter the capital Imer was besieged by the Skorne led by Hexeris. Cast a spell at his battlegroup? The Menites would still be a part of Cygnar, but have control of half the capital city which they renamed Sul as well as a fairly large area, mostly resource-poor desert to the south.

A very effective package is to run him with two Redeemer warjacks, which he can fully fuel and let it rain high explosive ordinance. For Mk3 her feat was literally cut in half, and so many players discarded her as junk.

He spends most of his time being an antagonist in other factions warcaster’s fluff or acting as a ruler to show that most of our other casters are actually kind of benevolent. They also love fire; although their ranged weaponry is about as accurate as a bottle rocket, it will set everything around it on fire when it lands. Others are more specialized and require certain other units or Warcaster in order to be used to the fullest.