FOOTLOOSE. Musical. 3rd High School of Pyrgos Ilias. School Year Realised by 20 students from all 3 classes of junior high school and. coordinated by. I am desperately looking for the Footloose Libretto, is it avalable anywhere online , where i could purchase it, or where I can just see it. By your title, I thought you were asking if Footloose had a script. Having http:// ?textid=&language=1. trpguyy.

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Holding Out For A Hero Bomont is never gonna let us forget the Potawney Bridge Accident.

Footloose Script Word

That takes care librretto old business. Isnt it, Wendy Jo? VI Im not saying anything until I hear an explanation from her. This place is covered with graffiti. She talks faster than any girl I ever met. Moore loses his bearings. But, clearly, the boy has no respect for authority. The accident changed everything.

Im sure youve already poked through everything in my room.

Footloose Libretto

ARIEL takes the sweater. How long can you keep defending her? We are deeply grateful to all of them. I bet you stop a hundred times a day and wonder why? As SHAW reaches for the phone. And get your face outta my sight.


Ren, were not saying the speech is bad. It dawns on him. SHAW Foktloose not it. You know what that means, doncha? Now, dont the rest of you have a curfew? REN runs as the Moore Home enters. We do have the Bowl-A-Rama down by the interstate. Say it again, baby. He flips up the collar on his leather jacket and struts off, friendless. There is a motion on the floor to repeal local ordinance four-sixteen.

Dont we lift our voices to tell the world who we are? VI Your mother said you were good at it, but I had no idea. Eventually tootloose separate stories converge with humorous results. We met after church? Oh, when the preachers daughter says no, it just makes me hot.

She has become willful and obstinate. Rusty Ariels best friend Lemme ask you something. REN Yeah, I miss that. Put your tongues back in your mouths, and lets get outta here.


Footloose Script Word

Next thing you know, you got Gets confused; forges ahead. What you said about Walt Whitman and rock n roll and listen to the libetto in your soul, and all that, I mean, I was, like, Who knew? Ill turn in my skates. Ive watched him change lives. SHAW Im not angry. Now, somehow I got into my head that my loss was the greatest. SHAW is alone with his thoughts. Could you excuse me a minute?

This morning I offer you the same opportunity. Now, gimme a push, honey. ACT IIStill Rockin is a good-time, rock n roll, two-steppin bar-band number that introduces us to the world of the Bar-B-Que as well as to the simple pleasure of dance that has been so long denied the librettp of Bomont especially Rusty!