reviews Ignazio Silone’s Fontamara – Grade: A+. His real name was not Ignazio Silone – he was born Secondino Tranquilli. Pescina was not Fontamara and Silone was not a poor peasant. Fontamara estas la nomo de fikcia vilaĝo en Abruco kaj scenejo de romano de la itala verkisto Ignazio Silone. La romano estas pri vivo en.

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He married late in life and donna Clorinda was unable to salvage the remains of the wreck that was his life. It was incomprehensible, even ridiculous, that a man of that force could have the eyes and the smile of a child [12] p. It is not a book for you. For fontamarra thing he was expelled from the Communist Party just at the time when many others were joining it.

From International Socialism 2: They are swindled out of their profits and wages by don Circonstanza and the Impresario, and as every family in Igmazio is connected, every family, even the poorest, has interests that are shared with others, and for lack of wealth it is poverty that has to be shared.

Fucino must be freed from the impoverished small tenant farmers and given to the rich farmers. Don Circonsanza’s motto is Fucino a chi lo cultiva Fucino to he who cultivates it and when they are invited to Avezzano they think they will get a chance to discuss the matter with the authorities, but the Fontamaresi discover that Cav. As don Carlo Magna was a known joker, womaniser, gambler, drunkard, glutton, and a weak and fearful man, it would have taken him a long time to squander the inheritance left to him by his father Both the young narrator and Berardo are tortured in prison and Berardo sacrifices himself, pretending he is the Solito Sconosciuto in order for the rebellion to continue and so that people hear about what has happened in Fontamara.

She also hints that if the people of Fontamara need anything, such as gasoline or arms, for instance, they could have it, provided they applied through some trustworthy person.


If it wasn’t for his wife donna Clorinda, he wouldn’t have anything. However he does not listen to them nor take their views into consideration because he sees them as inferior to him.

Fontamara remains probably the most widely translated Italian novel. In an earthquake shattered central Italy. He too was a swindler and came to be known as ‘magna’ not in the sense of great, but because whenever someone was looking for him the maid said he was eating. It was difficult to do so, Silone apologised, since neither he nor Togliatti had read it. The PCI was driven completely underground and into exile.


But although he appreciated the comforts, he was indifferent to them. The family of Torlonia arrived in Rome at the beginning of the last century in the wake of a French regiment and was originally called Torlogne. When he talked, he was a townsman; he couldn’t help being a townsman, he islone help being a townsman, he couldn’t talk in any other way. But there were important changes.

He is a friend to all and only fights with his brother-in-law over the water.

David Beecham: Ignazio Silone and Fontamara (Summer )

Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. But we were cafoni And I am really fond of you. Others were to echo that view. Returning to Italy, where his brother Romolo was arrested as a terrorist fontamafahe lasted several more years in the Party, but then in fled to a health clinic in Switzerland, where, adopting the pen name Ignazio Silone, he became a novelist.

Compared to this the PSI had very little, and those forces it did have were in favour of collaboration — at least — with the Communists. Then come the cafoni. Within a year it had appeared in nine iganzio.

Baldisseraalso known as General Baldissera, he is a resident of Fontamara and is a shoemaker. On a number of occasions, we were told, so-called Fascists had beaten up, injured and sometimes killed persons who had done nothing wrong in the eyes of the law, merely because they were a nuisance to the Impresario, and that too might be natural enough. The Fontamaresi do not speak Italian, but speak their own dialect and find it difficult to understand people who come from the city.


She had been praying to Saint Antonio so that something might happen to the Impresario and when she meets Baldissera she takes it as a sign saying During my prayers this morning the saint directed me.

Those who may have need for assistance from more developed peoples will receive no help from the military or the bankers, but from the associations of workers, technicians and intellectuals of free Europe.

Townsmen and cafoni unite? The Impresario buys the cafoni’s wheat whilst it is still green for lire a hundredweight, knowing that the prices are about to be increased under a new law to lire and therefore makes a substantial profit which should have gone to the Fontamaresi.

In the final chapter he gave a more central role to Maria Grazia, the victim of the gang rape by the fascists, by having her draft the text of the newspaper. This page was last edited on 3 Aprilat Linguistically the Paratactic construction prevails with simple and colloquial language which reflects the ignorance of the cafoniwhereas the more educated, richer characters express themselves in a much more refined manner, using quotations and Latin vocabulary.

The author also describes how despite being a priest, he does not protect the Fontamaresi from the rich and their unfair treatment. Twentieth-century Italian literature in English translation: This was a device of his mistress Donna Clorinda that enabled her to keep an eye on every detail of his affairs.

The younger people of Fontamara want Berardo to rebel with them but he refuses.