FMC Technologies is a market leader in supplying thermal wellhead systems for heavy oil applications. Technology developed in Canada over the past 25 years . Rated for working pressures to 15, psi, FMC Subsea Drilling Systems offers UWD subsea wellheads for a complete range of shallow and deepwater. FMC offers surface wellheads and trees for WAS with equipment designed with special considerations for minimizing wellhead and tree height and weight for.

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This compact, safer-to-handle and rugged valve is ideal for a wide range of lower-pressure applications. The smaller tubing head flange allows for economical temporary tubingless completions and for traditional tubing completions.

The tubing threads can be used to suspend tubing when an operator wants to reciprocate tubing, but does not require a back-pressure valve in the tubing hanger.

As part of a wellhad safety system, the actuator will shut off flow from the well in the event of a catastrophic event. Fire-test facilities with sophisticated data output?

These low-friction, tapered roller bearings also help reduce operating ffmc. The SBMS seal is preloaded radially during assembly as the clamp segments pull the mating hubs together.

The versatility of the system allows the operator to tie back to most mudline systems and casing programs.

All FMC Surface Wellhead hangers can be run through the blowout preventers, allowing the well to be secured before the preventers are removed. The wellhead is provided with two fmv shoulders that allow the operator to land and pack off both conductor and surface casing without ever needing to nipple down.

Hydraulic pressure acting on the piston holds the valve open. O-C-T soon followed these innovations with another first. The FS-Seal can be supplied integral to a casing-head bottom preparation as a 1-FS one seal with no secondary or 2-FS two seals with one secondary packoff.

FMC Surface Wellhead

The HP-PN surface safety valve is a pneumatic-controlled actuator that is operated by an air or gas source. Riser load measurement capability that allows simple installation and maintenance. Description The diverter wellhead assembly attaches to the conductor pipe by the use wellheadd the time-saving Slip Loc connection. Our customers demand the most reliable seals technology can deliver, and our industry has set new standards for seal performance. Our company has years of experience throughout Africa and knew the most reliable choice of technology the customer would require in Chad.


Lubricator mounts wellhaed the gate valve outlet flange. The HP-PN actuator will be sized to open the valve against full differential with the available control pressure.

Minimum wage may differ by jurisdiction and you should consult the employer for actual salary figures. It supports sellhead drilling wellhead and completion equipment.

Number of aligning pins E. It is a versatile and reliable seal in cyclic high-pressure and -temperature applications, where conventional wellhsad seals O-rings, belt packing, dovetail, etc. Tubing hangers are available for any type of tubing completion. The company came to FMC Energy Systems for its reputation as a worldwide supplier familiar with the Far East and the challenges of working here, and known for the high reliability of our wellhead systems. There is not extra cash for any luxury beyond the basic requirements.

Since the plug will not hold pressure from below, well pressure must be isolated from the tree using a downhole plug or SCSSV. All FMC Energy Systems employees are responsible for With safety as a top-down, bottom-up responsibility — and with results tied to management and employee performance appraisals — our formal HSE safety program identifies and rewards behaviors wdllhead improve safety practices.

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Other sizes can be manufactured on request. Eliminates the potential of seal or thread damage when rotation of penetrator is necessary. Has low torque requirements for easier opening and closing. Stainless-steel gate guides stay within a few thousands of an inch of the gate, acting as mud skirts to minimize well fluids, sand and mud from entering the welohead body as the gate opens and closes.


Company Profile

For example, the conventional O-ring seal is very limited in its ability to bridge large extrusion gaps and remain intact without some kind of antiextrusion device. Positive alignment can be obtained through the use of optional features in the mating ESP hanger. Heavy-duty coated spring package is designed to provide closing force at zero or low pressure. Our PDM Product Data Manager is an interactive database of engineering specs, quality matrix data, product standards, parts, drawings, project data, manufacturing data, quality manuals and service alerts accessible via our intranet.

Simple packoffs with metal or elastomer seals are held in place with internal latch. This assures that FMC Energy Systems brand elastomer seals are not only state-of-the-art design and materials, but rigorously tested for the complete range of customer applications and environmental operating conditions.

FMC tubing heads are also available with threaded bottom preparations in some sizes and pressure ratings. Efficiently designed thread to yield low-input torque at extreme conditions 4.

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Easily apply 19 days ago – save job – more In the process of listening to your needs and fulfilling them with appropriate technology, we developed a line of drilling products that have become the industry’s standards for safety, performance and cost-effectiveness.

Flange or clamp hub 2. When installed as part of a safety system, it will automatically close with the loss of control pressure and will open automatically when the control pressure is restored. The PI seal is designed for use up to 15, psi working pressure and temperatures up to 75 o F or as low as o F, depending on the elastomer selected.