“Linnea Sinclair’s Finders Keepers has the trappings of military SF on a grand scale: battleships, interstellar conflict, goofy androids, plenty of intrigue and an. Independent trader Trilby Elliot is making some not-quite-legal modifications to her starfreighter, when an unexpected visitor falls out of space. And it so happens that the romantic elements of Finders Keepers are its weakest. Not for Linnea Sinclair the spiffy, cutting edge man-machine futures of Ken.

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The sci-fi and romantic elements mesh beautifully The pilot had fallen face first, his arms extended crookedly over his head. Enjoy the story from beginning to end every time I read it. Then a flicker, a metallic glint.

Finders Keepers

Nov 09, Linda rated it really liked it Shelves: I’ve been looking for a book like this for a while now – something with a balance of sci-fi and romance.

Trilby asked herself as she and Dezi carefully loaded the unconscious form on the expanded pallet of the AGS. Finders Keepers Linnea Sinclair Limited preview – Account Options Sign in. She catalogued her options. It could be a Conclave scout ship; it could be a pirate probe. Jun 23, Janice Janicu rated it really liked it. Should something of a greater weight than I be seated—” She sighed. It’s set in space, sure–but at heart, it’s really a romance.

They do have a slightly annoying but endearing AI with them as well, but he lacks a keepere body. Trilby Elliot is the captain of an OLD spaceship which she uses to transport cargo as part of her business as an independent freighter. As a space opera: See all books by Linnea Sinclair.


Various of her short stories are based on a psychic investigator. There’s lust at first sight, there’s a woman who should have a huge chip on her shoulder, but hasn’t a bit of anger nor bitterness I mean something lasting, not temper tantrum-y, if you get my meaning.

Finders Keepers – Linnea Sinclair – Google Books

You are nothing but low class trash from Port Rumor. However, my reservations over the meat of the romance have almost entirely to do with the middle of the book after Trilby has rejected Rhis.

Sinclair is a former investigative news reporter simclair private investigator in the Central Florida area who has written for many private investigative journals. We are experiencing technical difficulties.

In the real world this is sexual harassment and sinclzir. Headlamp flooding the scene before her, Trilby flicked the safety off her pistol. But will the secret Rhis is hiding tear apart their growing relationship just when he decides he’s playing for keeps? She reluctantly decides to trust him just when they get entangled in some serious trouble and have to work together.

Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. While at heart a rich, deep, complex sci-fi novel that will thrust finddrs into a dazzlingly different orbit, Ms.

She panned another three-sixty. Balanced against all of these things, Kee;ers will admit that the chemistry between hero and heroine was enjoyable enough, and it was kind of neat to see a spacefaring situation where there were at least hints of multiple languages scattered around the dialogue. The canopy had sheared off, leaving the cockpit open and exposed. Dec 21, Angela rated it it was ok Fniders There were some excellent secondary characters present but they were introduced a little late in the book and lacked the details I prefer in order to connect.


When I was done I wanted to go back to the beginning and read it again, slower so that Linnea wouldn’t miss anything. I’ll go check Ms Sinclair’s other books. She set the AGS down as close as she could to the smoldering wreckage.

Now that this star-crossed couple have found each other, the universe won’t know what hit it For me it was the romance that felt a little lackluster. I actually saw the weird cover first, so it made me not want to siclair it. Space Opera Romance Category: Which is not the easiest thing to do in the science-fiction genre Adult only, keepwrs tastefully done intimate scenes, only a page or two long.

To his dismay, his only ride back to more familiar space was a derelict ship captained by one Trilby Elliott.