Book discussion of Feersum Endjinn (Iain M. Banks). Having read all the other sci -fi novels by Banks, I’d originally been put off this one since it. Some may come to Feersum Endjinn through the much admired writing of Banks as novelist Iain Banks. To those not even mildly conversant. Buy Feersum Endjinn by Iain M. Banks from Amazon’s Fiction Books Store. Everyday low prices on a huge range of new releases and classic fiction.

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A lot of my friends like it, and I like the Culture books.

Iain M. Banks – Feersum Endjinn v1

Really enjoyed this book, my favourite IMB and probably my favourite of all. Thass ol am sayin. The driver started to whistle. Griffith, Clay and Susan. That society encompasses the living and the dead, the first-lifers and the reincarnated, the physical and the virtual, the human-basic and the chimeric. Those diverse brush strokes are weaved together in a multifaceted symphony of color that defies our ability to imagine.

Full Metal Alchemist the anime. Gadfium turned away from the wall display. Quite an enjoyable read, this! Banks was also an expert on Scottish whisky. She hissed in exasperation. Also, we earn referral fees when you click our sponsored ads. I rest my case. Looking through some reviews on the internet, I cannot help to smile about the fascination people seem to have with the phonetical spelling. The tethered balloon had vented gas and sunk quickly through the next three levels, their ears popping as they entered a sunny farm room, a shady suburb solar and then an artificially lit industrial chamber two concentrics in from the Great Hall.

Qitsualik-Tinsley, Rachel and Sean. The song is birdsong. With a good portion of the book written in the vernacular of our grammar-challenged hero, and a whole lot of heady stuff like cyber regions and vast settings, Iain Banks isn’t giving the reader an easy go of it.

O yes, I sez.

Feersum Endjinn

He gripped the wooden rail of the platform, squeezing it until his fingers ehdjinn, then squatted and inspected the underside of the rail’s inverted U near where it met a stanchion. He glanced into the crypt, first at the paused Hamletthen at the general security situation, then at the state of the war -still stalemated – and at the progress the bomb-workings were making in the level-five south-western solar – still struggling, still hoping to initiate in a few days, and still tightly controlled by Security – then swung through a few minds, finding various couples coupling and finding his own sexual interest piqued despite his earlier exertions with the almost insatiable Luge fersum.


Nway I dcide 2 risk whisprn 2 Ergates: As she escapes her virtual prison, she is physically freed by Gadfium, assisted by encjinn copy of Count Sessine who had guided her to Asura’s location. I’ll try at least one or two others before enduinn my final judgment.

A few people sat in booths and at tables; some looked up at him as he came in, then looked away again. He took the Queen by the shoulders and pushed her back so that she had to sit upon the bed.

Based closely on the original and ongoing manga by Hiromu Arakawa, who was consulted closely for the making of the anime. Mystery and horror aboard a haunted spaceship Sunday Status Update: Having read all the other sci-fi novels by Banks, I’d originally been put off this one since it wasn’t a Culture novel and was supposed to be written largely in a strange phonetics.

They face a conspiracy of powerful individuals with their own agenda, not necessarily interested in averting the looming threat. I think this is one of my favourite of Iain M Banks’ novels.

Asura states that both the humans and chaos will have to learn to live with each other. I feel like sayin, U shure its a flee not a ant? I maintain that our contemporary human society is not so different from the Serehfa archetype, nor from the fictional future society to which we’ve already applied the archetype. No I doan fink it is ol a haloosinayshin, Mr Zoliparia, I sez am missin out thi bits whare he keeps apologisin 4 what hapind.

Ders nuttin from di time we want 2 no about. He stood, looked once around the room, then opened the door and left.

Feersum Endjinn: An eclectic far-future science fantasy

Yes, Mr Zoliparia sed, lookin annoid. At this point – in every other rebirth since that first one – he had eaten, then indulged in a full morning’s dalliance with a maid he remembered from his late childhood who had been the first woman he had lusted after, as well as one of the few with whom he had been unable to requite such regard. Red white yellow blue brown pink. The rooms in the higher levels—each level standing a couple kilometers tall—are perpetually cold, and one of them holds a year-round ski-resort.


Enough melt for them to move, and some wind. They had given her a beautiful nightgown of soft blue and she had worn it first then taken it off because it felt restricting, but now she reached back and slipped it on again. There was a crackle of noise from inside the car, then someone spoke.

His face was much lined but still firm and his hair was a convincing jet-black. Fass as in hold-fass or stuck-fass. I love how Peter Kenny reads Banks. Here is a brief image: Equally, though, the sheer grandiosity of the stage that Serehfa itself presented might fndjinn seen to demand an imperial repertoire. Should that personality ever be called back into existence in the base-level world, it could be recreated exactly from the crypt’s already existing database of sentience types.

He sighed happily and got up from the bed, exiting via its foot so as not to disturb the voluptuous forms of the sleeping Luge twins, between whom he’d been lying. I tink di law sez yure supposd 2 take such tings 2 di otorities. Fast awake, Mr Zoliparia repeats.

Earth is past it’s golden hour, and technology has fallen into the efersum of mysticism and ritual. The sky is blue. The carriage bowled onwards, the thick warm wind whistled past, the birds stroked the air above and the giant cats swept along the dusty red road like endjunn wave feeesum night engulfing sunset.