Ta grana znanosti se naziva farmaceutska kemija. () Razvoj farmaceutske kemije omogu io je napredak farmaceutske industrije, koja je postala jedna od najve. INKOMPATIBILNOST, STABILNOSTISTABILIZACIJALJEKOVITIHOBLIKA Inkompati bi l nostisur a z l i c i t en e p o d n o s l j i v o s t il i j e ko v a. FARMACEUTSKA KEMIJA. SEMINAR-S ASKORBINSKA KISELINA VITAMIN C. Zrinka Rajić, mr. pharm. Z. Rajić Rajić- FK- FK-Seminari Vitamini su.

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Farmaceutska Tehnologija

Photoacoustic measurement of lutein in biological matrix. Glutathione cycle in stable chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Phase solubility, 1H NMR and molecular modelling studies of bupivacaine hydrochloride complexation with different cyclodextrin derivates.

Verbanac, Donatella; Jain, Subhash Kfmija.

In vitro antiproliferative and antimicrobial activity of the essential oil from the flowers and leaves of Helichrysum italicum Roth G. Essential Oil Composition of Prasium majus from Croatia. Structural and electronic determinants of flavonoid binding to human serum albumin: Antifungal activity of fluid extract and essential oil from anise fruits Pimpinella anisum L.

Kvalitativna fitokemijska karakterizacija crvenog likovca Daphne cneorum L. Hydantoin derivatives of L- and D-amino acids: Formation of mono- and bis hydroxyureato -iron III complexes. The evidence for clinically significant bias in plasma glucose between liquid and lyophilized citrate buffer additive.


The potential of component-resolved diagnosis in laboratory diagnostics of allergy. Synthesis and preliminary antimalarial evaluation.

Croatian scientific bibliography – Browsing paper

Optimization of roasting conditions as an useful approach for increasing antioxidant activity of carob powder. Kromatografska karakterizacija droge Callunae herba u usporedbi s drogom Uvae ursi folium.

Processing of carbamazepine-PEG solid dispersions with supercritical carbon dioxide: Serum activities of adenosine deaminase, dipeptidyl peptidase IV and prolyl endopeptidase in patients with fibromyalgia: Toxic effects of Ustilago maydis and fumonisin B1 in Fischer rats.

Effect of L-arginine dietary supplementation on salivary urea concentration and pH in physically active individuals. Polymeric Micelles in Ocular Drug Delivery: Inravesically administered ketoprofen in treatmetn of detrusor instability: Kemjia i Cynodon dactylon L. Protective effect of Cichorium glandulosum root extract on carbon tetrachloride-induced and galactosamine-induced hepatotoxicity in mice.

Studies with freeze-fracture and cryo electron microscopy and small angle X-ray scattering techniques. Branovi Suljo Farmaceutska tehnologija s kozmetologijom Mr. Fritsch u eksperimentalnom uzgoju.


Aetiology of chronic prostatitis. They are further subdivided into several specialties, i.

Ostalepromjene-Zbogi n k omp a t i bi l n os t itrebaopreznopost upat iprimi j es anj uk i s el i hibazni hsupstancii l in j i h ov i mmijesanjemsasol i ma. Ukl opl j enispojevi. Therefore new tools, new skills, new knowledge and additional expertise of practitioners are needed since the mission of pharmacy practice is to contribute to health improvement and to help patients with health problems to make the best use of medicines.


Farmaceutskka in situ monitoring for quantitative assessment of mechanochemical reactions involving structurally unknown phases. Long bone critical defect ; Treatment with cancellous bone, bone marrow and BMP Vrste Elymus repens L. Hydroxamic acids in the analysis of ionic vanadium and iron.

Antimicrobial potency of differently coated 10 and 50 nm silver nanoparticles against clinically relevant bacteria Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus. Human P Metabolism Data. Transient hyperphosphatasemia in an infant with bronchiolitis and pneumonia.

Prognostic significance of chromosome findings in de-novo acute myleogenous leukaemia. Biopharmaceutical evaluation of surface active ophthalmic excipients using in vitro and ex vivo corneal models.


Effect of timing of levothyroxine administration on the treatment of hypothyroidism: Antimicrobial activity of willowherb Epilobium angustifolium L. Effect of the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug indomethacin on proliferation and apoptosis of colon carcinoma cells.

Novel Lipophilic Hydroxyurea Derivatives: Structural aspects of flavonoids as inhibitors of human butyrylcholinesterase.