F Retaliator – Manual. Game Title, F Retaliator. Document Type, Manual. Platform, Amiga. Author, muguk (stats). Author website, F Retaliator for Atari ST by Ocean Software, Digital Image Design, screenshot, dump, Box / Instructions, English Dump, download atari F Retaliator. If I remember rightly, this game ONLY runs from the C:\RETAL directory (i.e. you have to have it installed into C:\RETAL and use C:\RETAL\ to start it).

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Even with a lot of practice and a good joystick.

F-29 Retaliator

Increasing speed elevates the aircraft. Sometimes it seems that the landing gear is already down but it is not true…I think it is a bug. Pull gently back on the ‘stick’, which lifts the nose.

This is relayed directly to the cockpit showing the missile closing in on its target in 3-D perspective. Add to basket. War Update 7 the final update Your three missions are: Visit eBay’s page on international selling.

Attack the mock-tank formations crossing the Nevada Plains in Sector 3A. Weapons are subject to availability,dependant on your base, location and rank. Amiga – Atari ST.

Every in-flight effect has a voice. Just Contact us for quote J. This effectively ‘blinds’ enemy radar and radar- guided missiles. Destroying this complex will cause great shortages to the enemy.


Destroy the two tank brigades 6 tanks.

If you have trouble to run F29 Retaliator, read the abandonware guide first! Pressing any key to continue will then return you to the Mission Control selection screen. This game was great except for one thing: Scores are given after each mission and Awards if applicable after each War Update. Select a valid country. A red light indicates fatal damage or failure to your gear.

Still, Retaliator is one of the better action-sim game for its time. Zulu Alert Zulu Alert provides a quick entry into the game.

Break up the raid, destroy all fighters and return to base. The actual aircraft will be so complex and have so many flight modes that the pilot would not be able to exploit them all.

Destroy the airbase in Sector 4C and the main runway; drone fighters are located at this base. NoP 0 point DOS version. Share your gamer memories, help others to run the game or comment anything you’d like. mznual

Reducing speed reduces lift, making the craft descend – without lowering the nose. FIRE If there is an engine fire this light will flash red – it is not recoverable and the pilot must eject.


F29 Retaliator – Manual

Ocean Software, Imagineer Grab a Bargain! Please let us know how we could make it easier for you. MMD Moving Map Display with Direction Finder This is a computer generated display above the moving map which shows the direction of the plane with a line indicator.

Stem the enemy divisions. The radar and maps have a freeze retalixtor, displaying a target and its position whilst all radars are shut down.

The music of the game is well made and it fits the game. Note that the Ladderbar Pitch Lines are always horizontal to the horizon, i.

If this occurs, you should either raise your gear or slow down to prevent any further damage.

DOSBox, an x86 emulator with DOS

List of top downloads. You have a fixed number of missions to choose from from each theater. Accepted, Eligibility for PayPal Credit is determined at checkout.