Caleva Process Solutions Another resourceful Powerpoint Presentation from Caleva Process Solutions. These selection. Advancements in Extrusion-Spheronization. More agile techniques are improving the development of multiparticulate drug-delivery systems. Extrusion Spheronization is one of them and utilized in formulation of beads and pellets. article discusses about the extrusion spheronization process and its.

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You can disable cookies but parts of our website may not work. The obtained spectra were then studied for the interaction between drug and the other excipients of the encapsulated pellets. US Pharmacopeial Convention, vol Capsugel has extensive experience in designing, formulating and scaling mulitparticulate dosage forms at feasibility, pilot and commercial scales.

Differential scanning calorimetry thermogram of plain choline bitartrate and optimized F5 and F Dewettinck K, Huyghebaert A. On application of a specific coat, these systems can also aid in site-specific delivery, thereby enhancing the bioavailability of many drugs. But, compressibility and binding capacity of pellets were relatively low therefore addition of the binder required to be added in formulation composition.

Scanning electron microscopy study exteusion performed to understand the physical morphology of drug and coated pellet.

Results demonstrate that increase in coating level increases encapsulation efficiency of the drug. Formulation and evaluation of olanzapine matrix pellets for controlled release.


A heater was attached to the circumference of the barrel. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.

Extrusion & Spheronization Pharmaceutical Technology

Avicel PHand lactose was procured from signet chemicals, Mumbai, India. Choline bitartrate can be administered in the form of a tablet or capsule.

The size distribution in terms of average diameter of the pellets was determined by an optical microscopic method. Spectrophotometric method of Choline Sheronization in bulk and its tablet formulation.

Extrusion / Spheronization

Hardness-friability index was calculated on the basis of the results of the friability test. It is hygroscopic in nature which is associated with stability related problem during storage such as development of fishy odor and discoloration.

A compound microscope fitted with a calibrated ocular diameter and stage micrometer slide was used to count at least particles Olympus, NWF 10x; Educational Scientific Stores, India. The spheeonization pellets of F5 and F10 showed lower span value which expresses their sphericity. MCC has better spheronizing capacity than lactose.

Choline bitartrate was used as a core material and HSO as a coating agent which coat the drug. Dietary reference intakes for thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6, folate, vitamin B12, panthotenic acid, biotin, and choline. exttrusion

Extrusion / Spheronization – Glatt Integrated Process Solutions

Int J Drug Dev Res. Analysis was performed as per method described in USP Powder Sphernization diffractometry analysis The powder X-ray diffractograms are shown in Figure 5. Int J Pharm Investig.

The moisture content in encapsulated CBT found to be in the range of 0. Different trials were taken as mentioned in Table 1 for selection of processing variables for extrusion-spheronization technique. Cookies allow us to give you the best browsing experience and help us to understand how you use our site. Support Center Support Center. Rasenack N, Muller B. Moisture uptake and stability studies Moisture uptake study was conducted to check hygroscopic nature of the prepared pellets.


The current review focuses on the process of extrusion-spheronization and the operational extruder types, s;heronization pressure, screw speed, temperature, moisture content, spheronization load, speed and time and formulation excipients and drugs variables, which may affect the quality of the final pellets.

The plasticity of damp mass and surface morphology of extrudate was considered as the key points for the selection of the spheronizing aid.

The different trials for wax coating were conducted and based on these trials the preliminary processing variables for wax coating were selected. Sustained release floating microspheres of Acyclovir: US Patent ; A. The percent drug release was calculated using the following equation: Scanning electron microscopy To evaluate any changes in the physical surface, morphology of pellets like size and shape was analyzed using scanning electron microscope XL 30 Model, JEOLJapan.