Engineering Textbook (Fachkunde Metall), Electrical Engineering Textbook ( Fachkunde. Elektrotechnik), Mechanical and Metal Trades Handbook. Fachkunde Elektrotechnik. Front Cover Verlag Europa-Lehrmittel, Nourney, Vollmer, – pages Europa-Fachbuchreihe für elektrotechnische Berufe. Title, Fachkunde Elektrotechnik Europa-Fachbuchreihe für elektrotechnische Berufe. Contributors, Horst Bumiller, Klaus Tkotz, Monika Burgmaier, Walter Eichler.

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This volume ellektrotechnik particularly well-suited for instruction in vocational schools and company training centers. All chapters have been revised and adapted to current standards. Attractive colouring and richly diverse approach to subject, yet fully rigorous enough to elwktrotechnik of interest to experts. The concept focuses on three different aspects: Czech 5th ed, pp, illustrated, 17 x fachkudne cm, paper-bound europa-No. Numerous graphic diagrams illustrate the procedures and the equipment used.

English Translations available in: Greek 12th ed, pp, illustrated, 15,5 x 24,5 cm, hardcover Pfanneberg-No. As required by specific assignments, drawings can be downloaded from the CD and adapted. The accompanying CD contains all recipes. German gestalten mit Farbe, Form und Schrift Designing with colour, Form and type 2nd ed, pp, coloured, 17 x 24 cm, approx.

ISBN 3-8085-3159-2 is nu­me­rically correct (check­sum OK).

In addition to this, it contains the knowledge of electronics required for the first two years of training in the apprenticeship professions: Greek 7th ed, pp, more than illustrations, 15,5 x 21,5 cm, paper-bound europa-No. The recipes are presented in a didactic way. Corel Draw is a general drawing program which is also supremely suited for the completion of simple drawings, model sketches or fashion illustrations.

German 3rd ed, pp, 15,2 x 21,5 cm, paper-bound europa-No. Animationen, Diagramme, Formeln und Berechnungen. All exercises are based on the understanding of the indivisibility of the configuration and function of anatomic structures.


Numerous illustrations facilitate comprehension; important data are shown in tables. Enclosed is a CD with all illustrations and learning pictures. The book can be used at the vocational college and during practical training. Suited for trainees in the restaurant and hotel fields, for candidates for the degree of master, as well as for anyone who enjoys creating a little something special for guests.

The book teaches the basics of areas relevant to film and television – graphical principles of imagery, sound design, camara work, dramaturgy, lighting, cutting and editing.

Czech, Greek, Polish The workbooks for hairdressers complement the textbook. Thanks to the compact layout, a complete fschkunde can be covered on one single page and the many colourful illustrations make even the most demanding information readily understandable.

Graded revision exercises make learning easier and enable the student to check his knowledge as he goes along. German The textbook includes the complete syllabus of the threeyear apprenticeship for professionals in system catering.

But it can also be used in master courses or engineer courses, design colleges, polytechnics and in the textile trade, either dachkunde course book or as a work of reference.

Editing and Polishing Guide. Mechanics of solid particles, fluids and gases, thermal theory, optics, electricity, magnetism, atomic and nuclear physics. A wide variety of materials are used: Plants and eco-friendly plant treatment; Part 3: English descriptions for devices, processes and actions are the norm in the field of communication and information technology in particular.

The CD contains approx. French Translation available in: The book is divided into the following chapters: The analysis and testing of the qualities of plastics. Building on basic knowledge of the English language, this textbook and workbook teaches technical English in fundamental and job-specific subjects. Textbook and workbook for Bachelor students at polytechnic colleges. Dictionnaire gastronomique 2nd ed, pp, 18,5 x 12,5 cm, paperbound Pfanneberg-No.


It is a comprehensive collection of references for self-study, test preparation and test development. This book contains tasks focused on graphic and spatial illustrations and basic geometric designs. Furopa – Checking, disassembling, exchanging and assembling simple components and systems.

Particular attention is paid to the important areas of metal, automobile, electrical, computer, construction and environmental engineering.

‎SimElektro Grundstufe on the App Store

Fundamentals of general chemistry, inorganic chemistry and technology, organic chemistry and technology, natural materials and biochemistry, chemistry, mankind and the environment. The basics are covered in connection with the respective training subjects. Fachkunde Holztechnik Wood engineering This book of tables for the timber industry rounds off the popular Europa- Lehrmittel series of text books for the timber professions providing as it does a comprehensive work of reference.

It is suitable for English lessons in professional colleges or for self-study as it has answers to all questions. It contains an index with all terms in English. The learning contents are presented in such a way that they can also be grasped by beginners working on their own. Due to its distinct structure, the book is recommendable eeuropa exam preparation and self-study and is a very valuable reference fachkundw.

New English translations in It can also be used for learning field teaching. It serves as a primary reference work for technicians and master. It can however also be used in technical colleges that put a particular emphasis on chemistry and technical subjects.