Previously I have always used Eurolites and have been disappointed by the deflectors – easy to follow the instructions & position correctly (seemed easier than. Travelspot Travel Spot Eurolites N Headlamp Adaptors for Driving in Europe With so many different headlight design it is hard to have clear instructions. Eurolites Headlamp Beam Deflectors Safely Deflects Headlamp Beam when HID Headlamps Contains Comprehensive Fitting Instructions for + Vehicles.

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Bug Shifter Screen Sponge.

View How to apply the Adaptors using your Fitting Diagram If you make the effort it should be fine. Hopesy “Eurolites” are beam-deflectors, so their position on headlights’ outer surfaces will differ from that of ‘masks’ which I believe is what rupert is referring to.

As far as I’m aware, there’s no evidence to support this theory and it’s more logical that, when damage to plastic lights does occur, it’s due to localised over-heating caused by an opaque mask. There are four versions of Eurolites: Enhanced UV Protection – affords excellent performance, even for those staying in Europe for longer periods.

Designed by The Marketing Partnership. About Us Contact Us. We trust the above information will allow you to successfully apply your Eurolites, but please email us ekrolites help travelspot. Consequently, when driving on the right in Europe your headlamps will shine into oncoming traffic.

I did not say they were not, in fact I have a pair, by the way these are masks not deflectors. They are not made from the same high quality material and therefore result in a loss of instuctions beam intensity. They are not made from the same high quality material and therefore result in a loss of headlamp beam intensity.


View Latest Fitting Information 1. This can be achieved as follows: To this end, the city court bold innovation, have tried the case of water diversion reform, optimize the allocation of judicial resources, and achieved remarkable results.

Travel Spot – Eurolites Headlamp Beam Adaptors – Fitting Instructions

Eurolites will, of course, also continue to be suitable for Halogen and traditional headlamps with ‘line patterns in the glass’. My euroites concern was safety and do not want to dazzle road users on the “wrong” side euroltes the road. Derek I guess your findings raises the question of whether the police over there adopt a similar lax attitude.

View How to apply the Adaptors using your Fitting Diagram Not fitting Headlamp Adapters could also invalidate your motor insurance. But it should be better than nothing and it will indicate to the Continental police that you’ve made the effort. Car Bulbs with Brighter Light. I used mine recently for a 3 week jolly over the water. I have the new shaped Peugeot with insgructions high large headlight. Hi, We’re off on our travels next week. Latest list of vehicles This updated information can take time to filter insteuctions through store stocks, so we have included the latest diagrams below to assist with the fitting of Eurolites to these types of headlight.

Rant over and my intention isn’t to offend anyone just respond to what I felt was an over the top put down, not just a personal opinion which I would accept as being just that. Recent eurolits in Headlight technology have meant we have added a number of new diagrams to our instruction sheet.


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Eurolites Headlamp Deflector positioning

We trust the above information will allow you to successfully apply your Eurolites, but please email us at help travelspot.

UK Vehicle headlamps are specifically designed for driving on the left hand side of the road.

They clip on and off very euroljtes x This can be achieved as follows: Delete all cookies set by this site. It does seem vague but I followed the diagram and stuck them in the approximate picture.

Eurolite Left Hand Drive Headlight Beam Converters For Left Hand Drive Vehicles Visiting The UK

Before you all shout at me I know that this has been covered before but the search facility went kaput on me!

Latest 2-core Acrylic Adhesive – for reliable performance even on curved headlamps. I have to say that I’m unconvinced Eurolites will be equally effective for all headlights. These copies are proving dangerous because: These are specifically instrudtions Truck use and include multi-lingual instructions for ALL truck specification headlights. They are counterfeit… so please: Edited by Derek Uzzell 9: The US military is assessing what kind of missiles the test shot is.

South Gloucestershire Avantgard Thanks rolandrat, I was worried for a minute after posting it, that I had over reacted – obviously not!