By E. T. A. Hoffman. NATHANAEL TO LOTHAIR. I know you are all very uneasy because I have not written for such a long, long time. Mother, to be sure, is angry, . The Sandman is coming, I can see.” And certainly on all these occasions I heard something with a heavy, slow step go bouncing up the stairs. That I thought. E.T.A. Hoffmann has to be one of my favourite authors and The Sandman is one of my favourite of Hoffmann’s stories, it is also the most famous.

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I felt as if I were turned to cold, heavy stone – my breath stopped. Clara had the vivid fancy of a cheerful, unembarrassed child; a deep, tender, feminine disposition; an acute, hoffmanj understanding. Compra questo binocolo che utilizza per guardare nella stanza di fronte.

Nov 06, Nightwishel rated it really liked it. The door of the gallery was also closed, but despair gave him a giant’s strength, and he burst it from the hinges. With many the bond of love became firmer and more entrancing, though others, on the contrary, slipped gently out of the noose.

Notwithstanding that the professor had made every effort to appear splendid, the wags had all sorts of incongruities and oddities to talk about. If you want to sleep an undisturbed sleep His words were merged into one hideous roar like that of a brute, and in this insane condition he was taken raging to the mad-house.

They agreed on the following morning, according to the local student custom, to fight with sharp rapiers on the far side of the garden. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Nothing more strange and chimerical can be imagined than the fate of my poor friend, the young student Nathaniel, which I, gracious reader, have undertaken to tell you. The last question i If you were to read only sansman story by E. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. He was just writing to Clara, when he heard a light tap at the door; it hocfmann as he answered, and the repulsive face of Coppola peeped in.

The Sandman by ETA Hoffmann – review

He was carried irresistibly along by his poem, an internal fire deeply reddened his cheeks, tears flowed from his eyes. Even when Nathaniel, in clear and sober moments, as for instance upon waking in the morning, remembered Olympia’s utter passivity and her painful lack of words, he merely said: I have the impression that continental Gothic tends to be more earnest and intense than English Gothic.


KarinaE over at Booktube read it and ever since I wanted to read it too, so I was really excited when I found out it was going to be published in this edition I had my eyes on it for a while my plan was to read in German back when I had to read some German novels; glad I didn’t read it back then though, because a I don’t know that much German and b I think it’s even better in English I can’t compare it though, but I mean that I understand it now more I think than when I read it in German.

The ambiguity in the story was what really stuck with me- was Nathanael mad? Imagine a large broad-shouldered man, with a head disproportionately big, a face the color of yellow ochre, a pair of bushy grey eyebrows, from beneath which a pair of green cat’s eyes sparkled with the most penetrating luster, and with a large nose curved over his upper lip.

Often I sneaked from my room to the corridor when my mother had passed, but never could I discover anything; for the Sandman had always gone in at the door when I reached the place where I might have seen him. Nathanael is the prime example of a youth in Such a short but brilliant book. I loved the dark and psychological images it drew. Cheer up, I have determined to play the part of your guardian-spirit.

Clara could not by any means be reckoned beautiful, that was the opinion of all who are by their calling competent judges of beauty. Apparently, that was inspirational stuff for Hoffman, who turned this brute into the horrifying, eye-stealing monster described in this novel.

Coppelius seized me and, baring his teeth, bleated out, ‘Ah – little wretch – little wretch! Thus was I forcibly compelled to tell you of the momentous life of Nathaniel.

Was the Sandman actually real? Old Coppelius may have been repulsive enough, but his hatred of children was what really caused the abhorrence you children felt towards him. He was, perhaps, busily engaged at his ordinary profession.

The Sandman (short story) – Wikipedia

If you love untangling metaphors and symbols, read it. A pretty glass – a pretty glass? To Nathaniel, although he felt in quite another world, it seemed suddenly as though Professor Spalanzani’s face was growing considerably darker, and when he looked around he perceived, to his no small horror, that the last two candles in the empty room had burned ega to their sockets, and were just going out.

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One rta may be that he isn’t allowed to talk about them.

It is a concept with so much potential. One of them, a most fantastical and singular fellow, compared Clara’s eyes to a lake by Ruysdael, in which the pure azure of a cloudless sky, the wood and flowery field, the whole cheerful life of the rich landscape are reflected.

The sandman is coming.

The Sandman by ETA Hoffmann – review | Books | The Guardian

It made me feel quite uncanny, and I crept softly away… Nathaniel discovers that Spalanzani keeps Olympia locked away from others. Lily Yu, for example. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I was expecting this to be about a young man sanndman an eye eating monster, and was instead wrapped up in a tale of insanity sajdman on by childhood trauma, leering villains and cha Mr Sandman, don’t touch my eyes, I see through your disguises and lies.

A humming and scraping aroused him as if from a dream. He was in bed in his own room, in his father s house, Clara was stooping over him, and Lothaire and his mother were standing near.

Only circumstances of the most peculiar kind, you will suspect, and exerting the greatest influence over my life, can have given any import to this occurrence. About the title story only Nov 23, Manybooks rated it really liked it Shelves: A classic of its kind, The Sandman has inspired later authors including Poe and composers such as Delibes and Offenbach.

A Russian Affair my love affair with Russian literature. It seemed to me that she was sleeping with her eyes open. The sentences are overly long.

She is literally the perfect woman: Both of them – that is to say, Nathaniel and Clara – were sitting in his mother’s little garden, Clara very cheerful, because Nathaniel had not teased her with his dreams and his forebodings during the three days in which he had been writing his tje. Excepting at dinner-time I and my brothers and sisters used to see my father very little eya the day. The Sandman, the fearful Sandman, was the old advocate Coppelius, who had often dined with us.