Nur zu, mein Lieber! Hello guest! Please register or sign in to view the hidden content. Dazu bräuchte man links etwas mehr Fleisch. Erwin Puts, the author of Leica Lens Compendium book and TAO of Leica web- site allowed us to convert his book to html format and publish it on the. Leica Lens Saga. Limited Edition of pc! By Erwin Puts. evolution – optical design – evaaluation – future. Berek´s Legacy: the 50 mm lens for Leica.

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The photographic camera as we know it, is on the brink of extinction when we look at the developments from an evolutionary perspective. Seasoned Leica users will opt for the new M and with a price tag of some Euro this new Leica camera might be tempting for M9 owners too.

Manufacturers love this of course and will do what they can to reinforce that illusion. But digital M cameras share the same problem identified above.

Nowadays technical journalism seems to become more and more focused on presenting scoops, like the tabloids where a fuzzy picture of an unclad part of the leicca of a princess is the holy grail of accomplishment.

In the old pufs the Leica M reigned supreme as the best performing 35mm camera-system. Posted August 20, The measurement of the colour differences in the format of Delta E are not very relevant because of the non-uniformity of the colour distances.


Leica Lens Saga – Erwin Puts [PUTLENS]

Comparison of rangefinder mechanism. There is a big question-mark around the R-range as a high-end ;uts as it certainly showed mechanical quality, but the engineering was a bit contrived to say the least. The relation between the photographer and reality has dramatically changed in the last twenty years, partly under the influence of the powerful post-processing programs.

One may counter that even today almost every chemical technology with the exception of the Daguerrotype is still available or can be home made. My M10 is vastly better than my M Study the pictures of Renger-Patsch to see how a technically perfect picture can have deep meaning.

Perhaps a dash of AgX will help? Photography shares at least one characteristic with sex: Below you will find a body comparison.

The Hasselblad body was simply a metal box with attachable filmholder, finder system and lens unit with shutter. The situation for Nikon is comparable: If you think you need a new one, carefully compare existing camera with new camera and see if your photography really will improve in the direction you want ;uts move.

That was the generation of photographers that was accustomed to a once-in-a-decade renewal of a major product and a thirty-five page in-depth review of the camera in dense print without the current ubiquitous use of large pictures.


Leica M10 | LEICA

Who does not remember the classic FT range? The M10 pugs is indeed hardly audible. It will not be long before the camera will be integrated with Facebook: Studies have indicated that many of our activities eating, gaming, shopping stimulate the same pleasure centre that is also activated when we engage in sexual activities. Ersin core of the X-series is the APS-C sensor and it may be interesting to see which format will eventually become the best choice.


Basically the M6J was a fine mix of the M3 outside and the M6 inside. We finally have a digital M camera that is silky smooth, incredibly quiet and operates even better than the film mechanical M’s of yore. The photography market is no different.

This is poetry and insight at the same time. Definitely a case for the application of the ‘need to know principle’.

Erwin Puts disenchanted – Customer Forum – Leica Forum

Edited August 19, by UliWer. The iPod was one and the iPhone was another one because both these products changed the behavior of the consumers and as a consequence the structure and the future of the markets.

The same attitude can be seen in the guild of photographers. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. These can be accessed with a touch of the finger. The instant inspection of the result, so familiar with current digital cameras and the automatic control of the basic elements focus, and exposure by software AF and AE have eliminated the thrill of basic photography.

The reduction to three buttons on the back side erwjn the camera body of the M10 produces a cleaner overview.