ER9x Manual because you asked for it! .. There are 6 edit buttons on the Tx. In this manual they are noted with square brackets ([MENU]). Some functions need . Edit buttons There are 6 edit buttons on the Tx. In this manual they are noted with square brackets ([MENU]). Some functions need the button to be pressed and. HobbyKing have acknowledged their use of er9x on the 9XR. ER9x User guide – WIKI – This is the best place to start. Flashing your transmitter with er9x; What.

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Majual student’s transmitter Slave does not need to have the same model programming as the instructor’s, since only the stick values are used. Keep it Simple Timing Support Introduction The IMX-1 mixer allows single-stick driving for tank drive style robots. Two people deserve our special thanks. This is the preferred direction for some janual, particularly when the throttle stick is used for a function such as sail control on a boat, or to emulate the collective lever of a full scale helicopter.

The Pro has many additional hardware features including a much more powerful processor, voice and haptic functions, and a built-in programming capability. This device, which is normally ON, provides an internal reference voltage to ensure accurate measurement of transmitter battery voltage. Meanwhile, as you have read above, Erazz, building on the work of others, was hard at work giving the 9x a brain transplant called Er9x.

The currently available Er9x firmware versions are shown in the table below. The firmware was overhauled, eliminating most of the bugs, and called V2. Yeah, and no spitting either! Help would be very much appreciated.

For another way to assist in the trimming of a new model, see Trim Switch under Model Setup page The Turnigy 9x sold by Immortal Hobbies met all of these, and had a special customized version of the er9x firmware especially for tanks, plus a backlit panel and the USB firmware interface.


For the trainer link to work for the selected model, not only must the Trainer screen in Radio Setup be configured in the Master transmitter, but also the Trainer setting in Model Setup, General must be set to ON to enable input from the student transmitter to be available see page Stick, Pot and Switch Positions Screen In this main screen, the lower half of the screen shows a graphical representation of stick and potentiometer positions, as well as a list of the physical switches and also all the logical switches see page To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy.

It runs a more advanced version of the firmware called Ersky9x, many of whose features are similar to those in Er9x described in this manual. Edit and Navigation Buttons There are six edit buttons on the lower part of the Tx.

Google Code Archive – Long-term storage for Google Code Project Hosting.

Mike developed and implemented the many advanced features we now have available in Er9x, and he continues to improve the firmware constantly, documenting the changes as he goes. Integrating Sound Level Datalogger. Setup and Use of the SPI. X-GYRO is a two axis head tracking system, based on G sensor technique, designed for tracking complicated three-dimensional. The calibration method goes like this see pictures: But over the past couple of years, er9 manual which Erazz gave us, and which is supposed to bring together everything you need to use Er9x, became seriously out of date.

In order to start using the Tecla Access App for Android, activate, select and configure the ed9x using the app Settings. B5 Printouts and PC transmitting X-GYRO is a two axis head tracking system, based on G sensor technique, designed for mqnual complicated three-dimensional More information.

Do NOT use it to reverse control directions.

– Flashing er9x on a Turnigy 9x transmitter

SofTec Microsystems is always on More information. Welcome to Mini VBar Express 5. Apply Subtrim and Limits. StickScroll If this is ON, one of the sticks can be used to move between, and edit, menu items.


The signal-to-noise ratio has gotten worse due to the huge number of cloned sales blurbs and forum postings that pose the questions but are left unanswered, or replied to by people without the answers, or without sufficient detail.

You gotta be joking, right??

The former chip doubles the flash and eeprom memory, while the latter also doubles RAM. For each model you can choose, under Model Setup, General, CustomStkNames whether to use the default names or your alternative names see page Find the bind button on the back of the transmitter, hold it down and power up the receiver.

Piezo speaker with the added voice module. All they expect is that their efforts be appreciated. This feature is for all you wacky people who fly with the throttle backwards.

Ultimately, I’m a semi-practical guy about certain things, and the Turnigy 9x transmitter looked more and more attractive the more I read and learned.

Er9x Manual Edition. Because it was needed!!

We don t think these changes should present a problem for most users, but for easiest and best results we would recommend updating your et9x. However, some neat guy called Thus figured out that the whole radio is made from gimbals, switches, funky trim and a very generic main processing unit that does absolutely everything.

These values indicate the amount.

Ideally, it would have lots of channels more is better? How would I feel about a transmitter that cost a fraction of what I’d paid for an uber-statusy one, and hit all the right notes?

You have to filter comments like that based on what you know about yourself: Don’t waste your time looking for a. It’s interesting to note that the standard PPM protocol used with the 2. Everything that’s available is done by volunteers. If you change the mode you will see how the assignments change.