Epec CAN Module Family CONTROL MODULE G08 / MAN DOCUMENT VERSION HISTORY Date Notes Document . Epec provides software tools for control system programming, adjusting, and testing. From the systems engineering viewpoint, it is not enough to have sufficient. Open and compatible. Embedded control systems are based on PLCopen and CANopen®, which make them easily scalable to meet requirements for both.

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The first is one of the QX output bits for controlling the pin as an output. Some of the inputs are grouped: CANopen for all physical buses?

Additional module cover for wires and connectors is also available E 6. Module has a shutdown circuit which protects the module and loads against overvoltage.

Applies to inputs used for epc measurement and pulse counting.

epec 2024 control module

Pulse counting, if needed, must be enabled explicitly by the application program. The Mini module and the Mini display need the Hub module in order to have the full epeec immunity. Maximum code size kb. Pins of this kind can be used as e. All conditions must be respected. The second is one of the IX input bits for monitoring the actual state of the output or reading the pin as an input. Pins of this kind are used to measure analog signals.


The shunt resistor is used epef measure the current flowing through the load. Nothing prevents using these pins to measure currents from other sources as well. This feature is useful when driving proportionally controlled loads, e.

This illustrates the normal way to connect loads when load current measurement is desired. It must be taken care in system design that the output eppec switching to on state causes no harm to system. The application program is provided with frequency and number of the pulses seen in the input in addition to the normal input state. Protection for plugs depends on cable processing?

All claims with respect to defects 22024 the products shall be made to the manufacturer without delay and no later than on the seventh 7th day after the defect has been or should have been discovered by the buyer. However, one or more of them can go beyond specified tolerance.

A small and protective module casing keeps inside high performance microcontroller with lots of control capabilities. Test method ISOpulse 5? The application program can also simultaneously monitor the actual state of epecc pin. Violating this rating may lead to system not recognizing all input state transitions Note 2: Violating this rating may lead to incorrect measurement or counting Note 7: It must be taken care in system design that the output unintentionally switching to on state causes no harm to the system.


Memory functions shall remain class A. The Color display needs extra facilities in order to have the class B covered.

EPEC 数据手册新版_图文_百度文库

Please consult the manufacturer before using this pin as a module voltage supply. Closed light cast aluminium housing? It means that to be able to reach the maximum frequencies, there is no room for application program or any other processes like CAN traffic. Puncture hole fastening 7.

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Weight 0,7 kg Applications? Inputs of this type are also suitable for quadrature sensor position counting. This product is designed to be used only for machine controlling purposes. J only for one bus in the same module?

Inputs are divided into groups by the input impedance configuration. PWM frequencies can be configured under software control in groups of outputs. They can be used as wpec impedance voltage inputs for signals from 0 to 5 volts or low impedance current inputs for signals from 0 to 22,7 milliamperes. In those cases, the output functionality of the pin must of course be kept in off state.

These parameters depend on software cycle time. Programming environment CoDeSys 2.