Corporate Income Tax. PNI. Produced Nation Income. DTA. Double Taxation Agreement. SBV. State Bank of Vietnam. EPE. Export Processing Enterprise. SME. file extension Alphanumeric characters added to a filename to denote the filetype . Example, extension denotes a file is a Microsoft® Word file. file name/. As children at younger ages are being given access to digital devices and web tools, we as parents and teachers need to be prepared to show them how to use .

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Google – the world’s most powerful search engine, also operating powerful advertising channels. A way of privately copying someone else in with an E-mail. Moving Pictures Experts Group. Eep Internet Explorer is the most common, followed by Firefox or Opera.

Document Details | EPE Manual Revision

T tablet 1 a flat panel touch sensitive device capable of running apps. Often irritating or discourteous to other users. Trojan Horse An innocent-looking computer program or application which looks inviting e. Associated with incoming mail. Royalty Free images or audio etc.

Now often means modem-like hardware connecting a single computer or more via broadband to the Internet. Yahoo The second most popular search engine and portal web site.

We use this to log into customers’ PCs for troubleshooting etc.

N Nameserver Part of a domain’s configuration responsible for routing traffic to the relevant host. European equivalent network is Galileo, under construction. A Standards Committee controlling transmission protocols.

DECT modems allow reliable wire-free data transmissions over reasonable distances. RFC Request For Comments, the means by which the evolution of the Internet was documented by its developers filrtype techniques and protocols agreed.


Winzip to uncompress it. Microsoft Internet Explorer The free web browser marketed by Microsoft. Also, the name of the organisation co-ordinating open source Firefox browser, Thunderbird E-Mail client and more. ADSL Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line, broadband technology that permits high speed data to be transmitted over copper telephone wires. May be used for producing responses in relation to user actions, price quote requests, etc.

Sometimes mistakenly used to mean ‘Lots of love’. Designed to make people let their guard down. C cable modem A high-speed modem which operates in conjunction with a cable network provider rather than via a telephone line to provide broadband Internet access cache A fast and efficient buffer or intermediate storage stage, including temporary files retrieved from the Internet and stored in a cache on a computer hard disk. Used mostly eep personal one-to-one communications, requires a key pair.

IP Camera A standalone camera that relays images via the Internet without needing to be connected to a personal computer or server. Enables “personalisation” and identification next time they visit. Highly desirable for some Internet applications, as opposed to dynamic IP address.

HTML Hypertext Mark-Up Language, the formatting commands applied to plain text, to convert it into material suitable for displaying in a web page.

File Extension Seeker

A ‘wiki war’ fildtype out when operators keep reverting to and overriding any wiki content with their own preferred version. B2C Business To Consumer. Useful for retracing its source, or fault finding.

Requires Adobe Reader to view. Nameserver Part of a domain’s configuration responsible for routing traffic to the relevant host.

H hardware Physical equipment which is “hard” – i.

Used on servers as well as personal computers and routers. Java A eps, complete programming language created by Sun Microsystems, which amongst other uses enables dynamic web pages to be created through the use of Java “applets” or mini-programs, which are embedded in web pages and designed to be downloaded and run on virtually any type of user system, even mobile phones.


Diagrams and maps – Metropolitano de Lisboa, EPE – English

False Positive In anti-spam filtering systems, a message that is wrongly flagged or deleted as spam when in fact it’s a genuine message. The damage is done by sending it on to many users, unnecessarily. E-zine Electronic magazine, a non-paper publication delivered via e. DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, a means of allocating IP addresses to network resources dictionary attack A technique whereby an entire computerised dictionary of words is launched at a password-protected file or site, in an attempt to “crack” it.

B2B Business To Business. LAN Local Area Network, a small filety;e of computers or terminals connected together and often sharing common resources. Asymmetric means that the download speed is higher than the upload speed. U upload To transfer files from a local system out onto a remote system. Managed by Domain Name Server filletype systems.

Relates to outgoing mail. Smartphone a mobile phone with operating system capable of running programs apps or connecting to a network.

Javascript A scripting language that allows more web page functionality to be run by a Javascript-capable browser.