Title, Endodoncia: principios y práctica. Authors, Richard E. Walton, Mahmoud Torabinejad. Edition, 2. Publisher, Interamericana-McGraw Hill, principios y práctica, 4a ed. Endodoncia, principios y práctica, 4a ed. Endodoncia, principios y práctica, 4a ed. By Mahmoud Torabinejad, Richard E. Walton. Endodoncia: principios y práctica by Richard E Walton. Endodoncia: principios y práctica. by Richard E Walton; Mahmoud Torabinejad. Print book: Document.

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Endod Topics ; In vivo evaluation J Endo-don ; Comparison of concentric condensation technique with laterally condensed gutta–percha J Endodon ; Scanning electron microscopic evalua-tion of two compaction techniques using a composite resinas a root canal fillig material J Endodon ; An in vivo evaluation of root ZX electronic apex locator.

Effect of prefaring on Root ZX apex locators. With the help of Hedstrom files the distal canal where underobturation is present is cleared.

Marciano J, Michailesco PM. Use of instruments was performed manually, with coronary-apical technique and irrigation with 2. Endod Dent Traumatol ; Small perforations are those caused with endodontic instruments size 15 or Some of these events are a result of poor attention to detail, others are totally unpredictable.

Endodoncia, principios y práctica, 4a ed.

An evaluation of the apex locator endocater. The patient is anesthetized, the restoration is isolated, then removed. A 30 year old woman lacking family or personal history of pathological data, arrives to the Graduate Endodontic Clinic of the Autonomous University of Queretaro, complaining of pain in the D.

In narrow canals be careful with the passage of instruments from 25 to 30, which could foster a perforation.


Formats and Editions of Endodoncia : principios y práctica []

The size of the defect also plays an important role since large perforations do not respond as well as the smaller ones. Mesiolingual guttapercha ML is extracted exclusively through a coronary approach, with a K type file, mesial canals are located with the help of an endodontic microscope, and perforations are temporary sealed with cavit. While undertaking endodontic procedures, setback can occur. Perforations are sealed with MTA and finally, wlton evidence identifies the perforations’ sealing Figure 5.

Principioss Z, Trope M.

Services on Demand Journal. A perforation can be detected through indirect means such as paper points or the radiographic image of a file in the bone or periodontal ligament. Use of an electronic apex locator on a cardiac pacemaker patient. Physical properties of gutta-percha when subjected to heat and condensation Oral Surg ; West J, Roane J.

It is not always possible to properly handle the perforation because of the operator’s lack of experience, or lack of proper equipment for its treatment. Use of MTA for repair of furcal perforations.

Necessary working length for mesial canals ehdodoncia obtained at Avoid use of rotary instruments. New electronic canal measuring deveice based on the ratio method. The best moment to repair root perforations is immediately upon occurrence, enndodoncia as to reduce as much as possible infection at the perforation site.

Pathological causes like root resorption and caries can lead to a perforation. Classification and treatment choices based on prognosis factors. The effects of sodium hypochlorite concentrations on the accuracy of an apex locating device.

Endodoncia: principios y práctica – Richard E. Walton, Mahmoud Torabinejad – Google Books

Prognosis for a perforated tooth depends on the location of the perforation, the time in which the perforation allows entry of contamination, the possibility of sealing it and the accessibility of the main canal.


J Endod ; Oral Surg ; Kaufmann considers it a reliable instrument and essential factor for treatment success. In cases which prove to pprincipios most resistant, surgical correction will be required. In recent studies, a research group in Toronto found that in re-treatment cases only two factors significantly affected success in treatment: When probing, a 9 mm periodontal pocket is detected in the vestibular middle third. Prognosis of oractica perforated tooth is unfavorable. Radiovisiography for imaging root canals: Electronic canal length measurement.

J Endod ; After fine months the tooth is restored, with proper bone regeneration in the furcation zone. Phases I and II: La radiovisio-grafia en endodoncia.

Tri Auto ZX in locating apical foramen with rotary. Influence of the canal contents on the electrical assisted determination of Length of Root Canals. If organic residues remain in the canal the most frequent underobtuation causes are the creation of too short a stop, the lack of exact fit of the master cone, and lack of penetration of the filling material up to the predetermined work length.

Referencias West J, Roane J. In-fluence of the removal of coronal gutta–percha on the seal of root canal obtura-tions.