Emma Zunz On January 14, , when Emma Zunz returned home from the Nine or ten smudgy lines covered almost the entire piece of paper; Emma read. Known for creating complex stories full of irony and psychological puzzles; The short story “Emma Zunz” is based on the plot of a transcript draft. Returning home from the Tarbuch and Loewenthal textile mills on the 14th of January, , Emma Zunz discovered in the rear of the entrance.

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May 12, happy person. November 3, me.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. An act of pride and on that day. Immediately afterward she realized that that wish was futile because the death of her father was the only thing that had happened in the world, and it would go on happening endlessly.

He saw her push emm iron gate which he had left open for her and cross the gloomy patio. You’re both very welcome! You’re very welcome, Rowan. Paradoxically her fatigue was turning out to be a strength, since it obligated her to concentrate on the details of the adventure and concealed from her the background and the objective. When he, incredulous but indulgent of such a fuss, returned from the dining room, Emma had already taken the heavy revolver from the drawer.


She managed to have Loewenthal leave to get a glass of water for her. December 11, hiineedhelp. She traveled through deteriorating and opaque neighborhoods at once seen and forgotten and got off at one of the turnings of Warnes. On Saturday, impatience woke her up. December 3, emma.

Maier had taken by mistake a large dose of veronal and had died on the third of the month in the hospital of Bage. Post a New Comment Enter your information below to add a new comment. And thank you for your kind comments. The man led her to a door, then to a murky entrance hall and afterwards to a narrow stairway and then a vestibule in which there was a window with lozenges identical to those in the house at Lanus and then to a passageway and then to a door which was closed behind her.

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Emma Zunz by Jacqueline Tris

Impatience it was, not uneasiness, and the special relief of it being that day at last. January 8, deeblog. Reviews, essays, and translations. In this way, laborious and trivial, Friday the fifteenth, the day before, elapsed. Emma was known as somebody with proper snglish and impeccable nature, nobody would suspect her as a murderer. January 14, Lauren Schenker.

Emma sat up and tore it to pieces as before she had torn the letter. She had already started to see them loom; perhaps she was already as she would be.


Thank you sooo much for this translation! She had revealed it to no one, not even to her best friend, Elsa Urstein. She rode through the diminishing opaque suburbs, seeing them and forgetting them at the same instant, and got off on one of the side streets of Warnes.

Emma Zunz by Jacqueline Tris – seedsandfruitsessays

No one could have seen it; she began to read it and tore it up. Nine or wmma lines tried to fill up the page; Emma read that Mr.

She thought with faint astonishment and immediately took refuge in her vertigo. You’re very welcome, Sarah! Thanks very much, Jess. Aaron Loewenthal was to all persons engish serious man, to his intimate friends a miser. Nor did she have time for theatrics.

Thank you, Katie, for your comments. November 16, deeblog. Impatience awoke her on Saturday. Well, that gives me hope.