Emco Unimat SL and DB Manual (English) – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. This wasn’t easy to find!. Pure chance brought me then to the Emco Unimat SL small machine tool from the seventies. On ebay I followed the offers and after some time I went for one offer. The Unimat covers a range commercially sold machines intended for machining and metalworking for model making hobbyists manufactured by the Emco Emco[edit]. Unimat DB, Unimat DB; Unimat SL, Unimat SL; Unimat 3.

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Emco Unimat SL Lathe – Niels Machines

Towards the end of the Mk. Great for gunshithing and watchmaking. Very handy to have around for the metal worker. This is not a factory part.

In order to provide a vertical feed, the 12 mm threaded headstock spindle and its bearings were mounted within a cylindrical “cartridge”, with a rack, formed along its rear surface, engaged by dl splined bar inserted into a hole bored through the top face of the headstock. However, before fitting a remotely mounted sewing-machine motor as a replacement it is worthwhile dismantling the faulty unit and checking to see if the delta capacitor for commutator suppression buried inside the motor casing behind the rear of the armature, is faulty.

Manufactured in fully-machined cast aluminium they had deep ‘V’ grooves and were mounted in the reverse direction and with the pair used on the motor and idler stud at mmlarger in diameter. Once your request is received, we will combine your order and send you a corrected invoice.

It is capable of working wood, plastic and soft metals i. This article contains content that is written like an advertisement. It is likely that the Mk. While the Rowic appears to have been so well made – and so similar to the original – that it may well have been manufactured using replicas of the proper factory dies, the other two, from countries under communist control at the time, were significantly different.


The belts are ready to be used and do not need to be cut, welded, fused or glued together.

By the late s crackle-black finishes were being phased out and Emco followed fashion by producing the majority of the Mk. Articles with a promotional tone from June All articles with a promotional tone Wikipedia articles in need of updating from June All Wikipedia articles in need of updating Articles with multiple maintenance issues All stub articles.

The aim had been to allow its use as a metal or wood lathe, miller, drill press, polisher, grinder, jig saw, saw bench, wood planer or jointer, sander or even – with the headstock detached from the bed and fitted with a grip – as a hand drill. In order no doubt to give the unit a “machine-tool” or “technical” appearance it was finished, apart from the black-varnished field-lamination area, in an attractive crackle-black paint to match the lathe. The smaller turned-parts on were probably made on a “Swiss Auto” – and ideal machine for making quantities of precision miniature components – with the plain-steel, mm diameter handwheels having a pleasing diamond knurl around their outer edge, tiny micrometer dials engraved into the inner boss and straight pins for hand-grips.

How long-lived and reliable is a Unimat? Skip to main content. Comes with everything show The conversion process from one mode to another was generally well thought out – and simple to execute: This had a big, round-shaped induction motor with matching wrapper paint, a small red name plate mounted low down on the sloping face of the headstock, green paint and die-cast hand wheels with the wasp-tail handles.

In order to form a chronological sequence, and so help owners categorise their lathe, the various changes to the cast-iron models in so far as they have been discovered will be listed as “Mk.

Emco Unimat lathes

Finally, with an expanding range of products, and a move into CNC machine tools, Maier grasped the nettle and brought the marketing and distribution in-house. The ES and ER collets have 8, 12 or more slots and a collapse range of about.


I take very good care of my tools. The vertical pillar was By reversing the pulleys, and rearranging the belt runs, 11 speeds of approximately to r.

The original model stayed in production untilwith a run of aroundexamples, at which point it was replaced by the Unimat 3, an entirely conventional-looking lathe and one dmco nearly as adaptable to so many different uses.

Smooth operation throughout range. A Sk SL lathe in the original wooden box with all accessories and factory literature. Although tiny, it was perfectly capable of decent work, available with a wide range of accessories and was light enough to be lifted on and off the workbench with one strong hand.

Sold: A used Emco Unimat SL Lathe with Accessories

The outside face of the front cone was ground to an abutment flange for items screwed onto the spindle nose – although this arrangement may have caused problems with the bearing adjustment, with heavier interrupted cuts tending to tighten the cone and reduce clearances. So as not to mark the bar, a small brass button was used on the end of the screw. Although it had been in regular use, it still retained its first motor he had been careful not to exceed the time-limited running and even one drive belt was original.

Upon first assembly the base casting and headstock were jigged and a small vertical slot cut across the junction of their front faces. Late s headstock with the vertical, hexagon-headed alignment pin Mk. Of course, collectors have moved into the market and very early black-finish machines – and most of the accessories from any year – are very sought after and command high prices.

However, by the mid s the technical literature with USA-market machines was showing two motors: