The ELx™ is a compact, robust microplate reader ideally suited for applications within the clinical and life science research laboratory. When interfaced with. BioTek – ELxAbsorbance Microplate Reader, The ELx™ is designed for applications within the clinical, biotechnology research and pharmaceutical. BioTek ELx – Operator’s BioTek – ELx by BioTek. BioTek – ELx Download PDF. Product Details · Forums · Documents; Parts; Videos.

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If a plate shaker is not available, wait 20 minutes after pipetting the diluted test solution before reading the plate. Changes made to the information in this document will be incorporated in new editions of the publication. No responsibility is assumed by Bio-Tek for the use or reliability of software or equipment that is not supplied by Bio-Tek or its affiliated dealers. Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Contents Repackaging and Shipping the ELx Comparison of the ELx and the EL Protocol Definition Read Method Dialog Data New Plate Dialog New Data File Dialog Assay Detail Report Sheet 2 of Bold text is primarily used for emphasis.

This icon calls attention to important information. Added reference to Quick Read on display. Removed previous Appendix A, Decontamination.

BioTek ELx800 – Operator’s Manual.pdf

Removed previous Appendix C, Error Codes. Failure to conduct Quality Control checks could result in erroneous test data. When operated in a safe environment according to the instructions in this document, there are no known hazards associated with the instrument.

However, the operator should be aware of certain situations that could result in serious injury; these may vary depending on the instrument model. For readers operated via computer control, no limits are applied to the raw absorbance data. All information exported via computer control must be thoroughly analyzed by the operator. Preface Precautions The following precautions are provided to help avoid damage to the instrument: Only Bio-Tek authorized service personnel should service the instrument.

Only qualified technical personnel should perform troubleshooting and service procedures on internal components. Traceability to the U. Optical density measurements, and if equipped, incubator temperature readings, are traceable to NIST.

Specific data for a particular serial number is available on request from Bio-Tek Instruments.


See page xi for contact information. This Warranty is VOID if the Product has been repaired or altered by persons not authorized by Bio-Tek, or if the Product has had the serial number altered, effaced, or removed. This Warranty is VOID if the Product has not been connected, installed, or adjusted strictly in accordance with written directions furnished by Bio-Tek.


Once the instrument has been set up and is running successfully, please take a moment to fill out and mail the postage-paid Warranty Registration card.

BioTek ELx – Operator’s | PDF | MedWrench

By sending in the registration card, you will be assured of receiving prompt information on product enhancements. This chapter introduces the ELx Automated Microplate Reader and describes its hardware and software features.

Also included is contact information if technical assistance is needed. The ELx is backed by a superior support staff. Your name and company information. Technical Assistance Center P. If the original packing materials have been damaged, replacements are available from Bio-Tek.

The ELx and its accessories are securely packaged inside custom-designed shipping materials. This packaging should protect the instrument from damage during shipping. Inspect the shipping box, packaging, instrument, and accessories for signs of damage. Place the reader on a level surface and remove the instrument from the plastic bag. Removing the foam end caps Bio-Tek Instruments, Inc. Use the slotted screwdriver to remove the four screws from the top cover mounting Figure 3 and shipping straps from the bottom of the instrument.

Figure 4 Shipping block Figure 4: Removing the shipping block Replace the top cover. Turn the instrument upside down and replace the mounting screws. Remove the shipping straps from the top of the carrier. The reader is sensitive to extreme environmental conditions, and these conditions should be avoided: Installation Power-Up and System Test After you have installed the ELx and connected the power supply, turn on the instrument to run a system test.

These options are accessed via the Select Utility Option menu Figure 5 belowand include: Place the printer in a location adjacent to the ELx Attach one end of the cable to the parallel port on the printer. Attach the other end of the cable to the parallel port on the ELx Tighten the securing screws on both ends of the cable.

The ELx has a pin serial RS port located on the rear panel of the instrument. Connect the power supply and cable to the maual of the instrument. Store unused filters in a cool, dry place manal from direct sunlight.

The filters can be wrapped in a piece of lens paper to protect them from scratches and dust accumulation. To check or change the software filter table: Power up the reader. If you need to ship the ELx Reader to Bio-Tek for service or repair, be sure to use the original packing. Other forms of commercially available packing are not recommended and can void the warranty. Move the carrier to the manul position.

Turn off the unit and unplug the power supply. Wrap the shipping straps around the carrier as shown in Figure 9 Remove the four top cover mounting screws. Lift the instrument off the cover and turn it over. Shipping straps Mounting screws Post Top cover Figure 9: Hooking the shipping straps around the shaft Bio-Tek Instruments, Inc.


Repackaging and Shipping the ELx Install the shipping block. Place the groove in the shipping block over the shaft and screw it down Figure 10 Shipping block Shaft Figure Installation Turn the exl800 over and install the top cover that was removed in step 6 Figure 11 Mounting screws Top cover Figure Reinstalling the top cover Bio-Tek Instruments, Inc. Repackaging and Shipping the ELx Turn the instrument right side up, and put the end caps on the unit Figure manal Left end cap 26 x 32 2-Mil poly bag Right end cap Figure Reattaching the end caps Place the power supply on the shelf.

Figure 13 Shelf Power supply Figure Placing the unit in the box Bio-Tek Instruments, Inc. Make a note of any error messages displayed and their frequency. Provide Bio-Tek with the name and contact information of a person who may be contacted if questions arise. Close the box and tape it shut.

Chapter dlx800 Operation This chapter includes instructions for operating the ELx and its software. Do not turn on the instrument until the carrier shipping block has been removed.

The ELx will perform a System Test, displaying the screens shown below until initialization is complete. During this period, all keys are inactive. Specify whether or not standard outliers can be edited, and then the method by which they will be edited. Enable or disable the extrapolation feature page The cursor is positioned at the first editable field, and advances automatically. The options appear on the display in the order that they were programmed in the assay.

If the assay contains a closed variable i. Plate Type For 6- to well standard plates, the plate types and sizes included in the software onboard the ELx are based on the brands listed below. For best measurement results, use these brands when operating the ELx via its onboard software.

The msnual plate type is preset for the map to have samples. This does not include any blanking, controls, or standards. Selecting 6-,or well geometries enables data reduction capabilities.

A1 and A2 wells.

The third replicate would follow in B1. The next standard control, or sample, would follow in B2. Examples of mapping directions are shown on the next page.