Eloisa James, New York Times bestselling romance author of When Beauty Tamed the Beast, puts a chilly, powerful duke in bed with an intelligent, beautiful . Title: This Duchess of Mine. Author: Eloisa James. Genre: Historical (Georgian) romance. Publisher: Avon Publishing Date: May 26, Eloisa James, New York Times bestselling romance author of When Beauty Tamed the Beast, puts a chilly, powerful duke in bed with an intelligent, beautiful. .

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She was kneeling by his chair, just where she must have thrown herself.

This Duchess of Mine

The annoying side character was still there, but not as much as he had been in previous books, and now his story was interesting. At the point in the book where she describes her “bone-depth gratitude for her beauty,” I was slightly sick, and waiting for her to redeem herself.

This Duchess of Mine is available in the following formats: It had been her experience that men were driven by lust above duty. This book is good. And the information on the heart’s cure which during that time, it was not yet proven but the author based it on studies during that period.

This Duchess of Mine by Eloisa James

The best thing about the series has been been the ongoing story of sophisticated Jemma and her estranged husband. Fourth, enough with the chess. On the whole, though, I found myself far more interested in the Duke of Villiers’ comings and goings, and the advent of the drug digitalis, than I was about the romantic reunion of the long-married, nearly-as-long-separated Duke and Duchess of Beaumont.

I just couldn’t understand the heroes’ attitude towards each other and frankly, after all the bullshit I was served throughout the book, I wasn’t even trying. Despite all of the things I didn’t like about this novel, it was satisfying to see Jemma and Elijah resolve their marital difficulties. Overall, it’s a fairly good historical romance and definitely original, but this is the ducehss book in the series that I’ve read and so far, they just haven’t satisfied my expectations based on all the positive praise I’d heard eloiisa this series.


Jul 13, Ana T.

Elijah and Jemma took a long time to get into bed, and even longer to get to “I love you”, but their first love scene, in which jamse play chess, blindfolded, in bed, ranks among the more memorable love scenes I’ve encountered.

He cheated on her, she caught them, he told her that he loved his mistress and she left him. This book gave me a fresh appreciation for my own husband and a renewed desire to find ways to make our marriage even better, which is a pretty powerful impact for “fluffy” fiction to have. Dec 31, Shawna rated it liked it Shelves: Jemma was wearing a honey-pale corset, adorned with daring bows of sheer black ribbon. If I were Jemma I would have bopped him upside the head.

As other people pointed out, the plot felt forced and re-hashed, and almost like Ms. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews.

Still they kept to separate bedchambers. I was not disappointed. So, why do I love this book? To see all the winning dolls and more, as well as to download the template, click over eeloisa Eloisa’s Design-A-Duchess Paper Doll feature.

I think I may have even been looking forward to this one the most. Not the most flattering comment, but surely an honest one. Or her taking her two lovers, and them being the men they were. And the prize is a love that could last beyond a lifetime. It got sexy all of the sudden. But ultimately, the reason I loved this book so much because it was such a complex portrayal of marriage.


Elijah, in turn, has become one of if not my absolute favorite hero of Ms. Jemma was infatuated with her handsome young husband, but Elijah leoisa more interested in his rising career in the House of Lords than his young wife. Mnie Connected to be the first to know when new editions are added.

This Duchess of Mine — All About Romance

I realize that infidelity is a big deal-breaker for many readers. View all 3 comments. A thing I liked about this book is the unexpected twist in the story. With his generosity, kindness, and all the warm-feeling he could give. Oct 29, willaful rated it it was ok Recommends it for: Jemma and Elijah had an arranged marriage over eight years ago, but when Jemma walked in on her husband and his mistress, she took off for France, where she lived scandalously and extravagantly for the next eight This is my duchesa book of the series, without a doubt.

There are no earth-shattering events in this story to make them fall in love; rather, they just spend a lot of time together doing everyday things and getting to know each other. She wanted him to look at her with the same hunger that he showed for a new bill in Parliament.