Eldar Psyker Good guy Games Workshop is giving us access to free rules for the Craftworlds Bonesinger miniature. Come take a look at latest. Currently, the Battle Brothers rule states that the AELDARI and Ynnari Faction tags are The Path of War: Objective Secured, 8th Edition Eldar style. providing a data-sheet with updated rules for the Firestorm, it is unfortunately restricted to. The Firestorm Scatter Lasers is a variant of the normal with streaking laser bolts above an Eldar grav-tank formation.

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Wave Serpents can comfortably fit a squad of 5 blades or guard accompanied by a Spiritseer or Yvraine or both if you wish!

D-Cannon – D-Scythe – Wraithcannon. Not only do you need a Ynnari Special Character as a Warlord, but she is also the cheapest way to access firesgorm potent Word of the Phoenix psychic power. Pick an Asuryani unit that has fallen back this turn; it can now shoot and charge despite having fallen back.

WindridersVypers and Wasp Assault Walkers offer fast and relatively cheap platforms to field Shuripults or Shuricannons on, though they find better synergy with other attributes compared to Biel-Tan’s. Eldar lasers use psychically grown crystals to refine their already intense bursts to their optimum potency.

Eldar Laser Weapons

They can still be targeted by Runes of Fate, however. You would think that the longer the barrel, the longer the weapon range.

Remember that Corsairs, Ynnari, or Conclave units don’t gain any benefits from these. Not to mention the fluffy feel of fielding an army of resurrected Eldar spirits fighting for the Eldar god of the dead would be really sweet. Biel-Tan offers nothing that an eldar LoW can use, and if you’re firrestorm an army that is large enough to support a LoW, there’s eules better Craftworld attribute for it. It is a great technological breakthrough as commorrites which can be noted further below.


Eldar Firestorm – Request for Info – Forum – DakkaDakka

Warlocks are also ideal, and even necessary for some of your Firestoem Warriors to be utilized to their full potential. If at least one other Fire Prism linked fire with it, it gets to re-roll its hit and wound rolls as well. Thus, it is one of the few weapons found in both the Melta and Las category pages. A Guardian heavy list benefits from this as it allows you to max out the Squad sizes for double Weapon Platforms in one drop.

In a sense, a Heat Lance, instead of dispersing the obscene heat that most melta weapons should in order to cover as much as area as possible, the Heat Lance on rlues other hand, would actually focus the discharged superheated gas into a focus point like a laser; intensifying its armor penetration to puncture even the toughest of armor. Baharroth is another candidate for a rounded list, as he can make any nearby Aspect Warriors borderline fearless and can redeploy to anywhere on the map as needed.

You may immediately remove up to 3 friendly units and re-deploy them. It is also the ideal Craftworld for a vehicle heavy list, or for maxing out footdar infantry unit sizes due to their built in commissar-esk rules the old commissars, before the dreaded Chapter Approved.

Just make sure the Spiritseer who sacrifices his invuln ducks out of LoS and hangs back for the rest of your turn. Whatever your Aspect Warriors can do, your Autarch can do slightly better while supplementing their specialized skills. That taking Asuryani unit as a part of Ynnari detachment rlues gives them Ynnari keyword, while not stripping them of asuryani so they are still viable for casting all those powers.


Against smaller targets a Pulsar is overkill, simply slicing a Leman Russ Battle Tank in two with a single shot. Of course it could be GW trying to not make these weapons completely overpowered.

Firestorm | Warhammer 40k | FANDOM powered by Wikia

While they can be quite potent, they do only apply towards units with the respective Specialist Detachment keyword, meaning you’d have to very specifically design your army around these traits to take full advantage of them.

Combine with Cloud Strike and your opponent is guaranteed to turn into a pillar of salt. Against enemy units or characters that rely on one particular weapon to dish out the pain, this greatly enhances your Banshee’s longevity against key targets.

In practice what this means is that elldar best ways of taking advantage of Strength from Death are to bring along a single Ynnari Detachment, containing Yvraine, optional support HQs e. By the power of lance and melta technology combined here is captain planet a meltagun with better range, less strength, and effin’ LANCE.

Warhammer 40,000/Tactics/Eldar(8E)

Doesn’t seem that super hot to me. Other than that, the Prism Blaster has no unique firing mechanisms firestrm than the aforementioned increased penetrative and precision power.

I would absolutely consider it if it was something like Heavy 6, Strength 5, – AP. Unlike other similar stratagems, this one doesn’t force a -1 to-hit penalty, and can be outside of 12″! Available only on Reapers, these are the the big brothers of Haywire blasters, and fire either a beam or an explosion of light.