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Disciple of the Black Guardians stratagem combined with Supreme Disdain stratagem and Enhance, they’re now hitting on 2’s rerolling ones if your Warlord is an Autarchand getting extra attacks on 4’s. With heavy hearts, they altered the Craftworld’s course towards the nearest sun and headed home.


40K: Top 5 “Other” Eldar Craftworlds – Bell of Lost Souls

This foresight allows them both to preserve their line and thwart their eternal enemies, the forces of the Great Enemy.

Because a Craftworld might return to the rest of Eldar civilization only three or four times in a thousand Terran years, it was easy for them to perceive the degeneration of Eldar society, while to the Eldar as a whole the slow decline was too gradual to realize. I’d probably rate them as the third best tactic depending on your build, after Alaitoc and Iyanden.

Let’s say you take Kaelor I like their scheme – since they don’t have a fixed bonus for their own, they will have to play as counts-as for one of the big ones. Leaving a silvered trail of soulfire behind him, Maugan Ra eventually found the remains of his Craftworld.

Tired of the constant raids of the Eldar pirates, the Imperium determined to make an example of the Craftworld which allowed its citizens to attack Imperial shipping and take human lives. Regardless of his actions, the chances of Iyanden recovering from its losses against the Tyranids are slim and their future looks bleak.


Prior to the Fall, the Craftworlds were vast Eldar commercial starships sung from wraithbone; they were effectively self-contained starfaring communities housing hundreds of Eldar families.

I choose Mymeara for that reason as well as the fact that I couldn’t decide; I kind of dig them all, although Cfaftworlds seems most universally useful and powerful. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Iyanden’s Seers soon lamented, for though their discoveries were welcomed, their call to action fell upon deaf ears or encountered minds too closed to embrace the opportunity. With all 5 of the Eldar Craftworlds revealed and attributes ranked, we figured their were probably some folks out there eldsr felt like the Craftworlds book needed a few more options.

A single source of Eldar knowledge has remained untouched and inviolate since the Fall. Just one extra shot makes a huge difference. Eldar Elsar often trade with their counterparts who live in the Craftworlds, but believe that the Craftworld Eldar are too close to the old ways of decadence for their own good.

The dead of particular battles are arranged together and are often referred to by the name of the battle in which they fell — for example, the Dead of Corrus fell fighting Chaos on an ancient Eldar colony world of the same name.

Almost every unit is worth trying — now you can create an Eldar army according to your own taste. Cordial relations between Alaitoc and Telennar have often brought the two Craftworlds together to battle against the Forces of Chaosmost recently during the Fall of Medusa V in New wounds mechanics, ladies ang gentlemen. Alas, they were terribly wrong.

In many cases Biel-Tan have helped Imperial forces that were under heavy attack by Orks and to hunt down Ork Roks before the tide of Orks can overrun a planet. They gorged themselves upon the Eldar of Kher-Ys for many solar days and nights as thousands fell to their insatiable thirsts. An Eldar Guardian of Craftworld Telennar.

Plague Planet – Sortiarius. Seventh Edition passed by without any changes, but Eighth Edition is seeing a return of individual Craftworld rules! Their aim was simply to eradicate the Craftworld’s Spirit Stonesmany of which had previously been stolen from the Crone World of Aesyl-Sar. There is no information on this lost Craftworld in Imperial records other than the fact that it once existed.


Through his wisdom, the warriors of Mymeara learned how to combine the aspects of stealth, speed, and firepower to decimate their foes and soon set about clearing a safe path through the galaxy for their world-vessel. Crwftworlds the Runeseers have to make a particularly difficult decision about the future of their Craftworld, they retire to the Chamber of Heroes to consult with the warrior dead. Theminarae was a Craftworld that was destroyed when it crashed upon the world Quintus in the wake of a Warp Storm that ravaged the Calaphrax Cluster.

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M41, forcing them to become a Fleet-based Chapter. In the end, only the Eldar of Biel-Tan joined Iyanden’s cause.

Now, it is but a shadow of its former glory, a sombre and desolate vessel where the dead walk and the living dwindle. Eldzr registered users and 0 guests. Not only did they recreate the desert that surrounded the Shrine but they also recreated all the creatures that had once populated it.

If you use them as a screen near your Warlord with the Ambush of blades Warlord trait they can become monstrous. The Eldar Seers who had remained behind and uncorrupted enlisted the aid of craftwoorlds Craftworld Eldar to undertake a titanic effort to save their people. The covetous Dark Prince of Chaos and his minions gathered in a great host to seize their share of the prize.