Elasticos intermaxilares – Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Elásticos intermaxilares! Existem muitas indicações e variações, seja para movimentação ou para ancoragem, os elásticos intermaxilares na ortodontia. EFICACIA DE LOS ELÁSTICOS INTERMAXILARES EN EL TRATAMIENTO DE ORTODONCIA. Public. · Hosted by Dentoshop. Interested.

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Módulos elásticos pcs American Orthodontics – Orthosign Dental Shop.

Cases with molar brackets. Available either with angled or straight pin. Due to this characteristic the influence of cold and hot foods and drinks results in intermittent levelling. Instead of storing 32 different band sizes with adequate buccal tubes you only need a few bondable pads to treat each of your patients.

It is still the guide that focuses FACE on attaining their aims. Through the special self ligating wings the archwire can be easily inserted from the occlusal. They feature a modified cap over the whole slot length. Wire bending pliers Alicates para doblar alambre 9 Order No. Wire bending pliers Alicates para doblar alambre Order No. Mandibular molar bands Bandas molares elasricos When ordering single bands please add required band size to the given order numbers.


They eliminate the need for laboriously threading the archwire into intedmaxilares conventional molar tubes. Our supply chain reaches over 80 countries worldwide and on all continents.

The first treatment phase can be achieved remarkably fast. Outstanding characteristics for better and faster results: La familia de brackets Sprint frente a brackets gemelares de la competencia.

Feature The Roth system offers canine brackets with tooth-coloured hooks. Retractor screw Double guided torsion stable micro screw for space closure in the lateral region and distal movement of the cuspids.

Easy to handle, reasonably priced and no lab costs.

Brackets Autoligables – técnica vestibular y lingual

Wider clip for improved transmission of rotation, angulation and torque. Compression step at the corticalis for higher stability through mechanical compaction of the bone.

Plate sections are opened up fan-like. This allows extremely easy insertion and the archwire only becomes active in the pa- tient’s mouth.

Ligas Intermaxilares

Therefore, the aims of a stable functional occlusion, in addition to dental and facial aesthetics, are intermaxilarfs that cannot be waived. Improvements that were always in line with the life goal of Dr.

CC CC Content in all kits: Please indicate if you prefer this option. The appliance is easily activated from the anterior by simply turning the screw clockwise. The insertion of archwires is easier thanks to a larger and rounded insertion funnel. These buccal tubes are distinguished by great- er patient comfort and enhanced convenience for the practitioner: El blanco permanece blanco Su surtido de bandas se va a reducir!


WB Saunders, 2rd edition, The result is ultra-smooth archwires with low friction.

elásticos intermaxilares – English Translation – Word Magic Spanish-English Dictionary

Clip Optimised clip assures a better wire control and easy opening. Gracias al pin, el aparato Frog, por ejemplo, puede in the mouth than before.

They are made of extra thin material which makes them intermaxiilares light and easy to adapt. In Nanda R, eds. This means, the clinically effective force remains unchanged until the end of its work range, while the force level of non pre-stressed springs drops to zero. Pliers, instruments and accessories Alicates, instrumentos y accesorios.