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Articles needing additional references from June All articles needing additional references. La Patagonia argentina y chilena en peligro. Infobae, 1 Diciembre Starting inArgentine governments had a policy of massive immigration, and olan liberal tendencies of the Roca administration were instrumental in making European Jews feel welcome.

Andimia Read Edit View history. Retrieved 22 March El banquete promete ser suculento. Israel es actualmente la mayor amenaza para los intereses nacionales de los EE.

It is partly based on an exaggeration of historical proposals for organized Jewish migration to Argentina in the late 19th and the early 20th century which, however, did not include plans for a Jewish state there.

La primera pregunta que se plantea es: The notion of a Jewish homeland, not in Palestine, but elsewhere in the world, such as a region of Fl America or in East Africaeventually led to the schism of the Jewish Territorialist Organization. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The name and contents adinia the plan have wide currency in Argentine and Chilean extreme right-wing circles, but no evidence of its actual existence has ever been brought up, making it, according to the US-based Andinoa League and the Israeli research institute Jerusalem Center for Public Affairsan example of a conspiracy theory.


Diario Popular, 28 de Febrero de Pero no pudo llevar a cabo el proyecto.

El autor de esta nota deja constancia en salvaguarda de su propia persona. During the dictatorshipsome Jewish prisoners of the armed forces, notably Jacobo Timerman[4] [5] were interrogated about their knowledge of the Andinia plan, and were asked to provide details regarding the preparations of the Israeli Defense Forces for the invasion of Patagonia.

Los intentos de de Israel de buscan dominar e intimidar a los medios y andlnia del gobierno de EE.

Rebelion. Cуmo avanza la ocupaciуn extranjera de la Patagonia

June Learn how and olan to remove this template message. Hunter William Luther Pierce. A medida que retrocede el poder y la influencia estadounidense, el compromiso estadounidense con el beligerante Israel se vuelve imposible de defender. Maurice de Hirsch sponsored the Jewish Colonization Association for the support of agricultural settlements, and the idea was seriously considered as an alternative to Palestine by leading Zionists such as Theodore Herzl.

Part of Jewish history. Se queda con tierras fiscales. En cambio, hay otra fuerza que se despliega, con modales parecidos a los invasores de Palestina. The Jewish population in Argentina grew and prospered in the ensuing years, though the community eventually became much more urban.


Andinia Plan

Hay que estar atentos: Boycotts General Order No. Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs.

Many Israelis tour South Americamany of them immediately after their military service as a gap year experience, with Patagonia being a favored destination. El Diario de Madryn, 15 de febrero de El perfil sndinia Lewis se completa con un elemento sugestivo: Part of a series on.

pan This section needs additional citations for verification. Retrieved from ” https: In a leaflet appeared among officers in the Argentinean army under the name “Plan Andinia,” which accused international Jewry and Zionists of planning to take over southern Argentina.

Bendini fue absuelto en diciembre de Los modales sionistas de Joe Lewis Volvemos a la Patagonia. This theory did not take hold in mainstream political discourse.