Dynon Avionics’ D10/D Series Electronic Flight Information Systems (EFIS) are glass cockpit avionics that integrate all flight parameters into one optimized. DYNON AVIONICS EFIS-D10A The flight data are all ergonomically arranged onto a single, bright sunlight readable, color liquid crystal display to optimize. Dynon’s EFIS-D10A fits into a standard /8″ panel hole, making it an ideal candidate for replacing vacuum and electric attitude indicators. This innovative.

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Only registered users can write reviews. In a Cessnathe EFIS-D10A occupies a slightly larger area than the space available when a conventional attitude indicator is removed. BendixKing also announced the KI, an electronic replacement for its aging and maintenance-intensive analog KI flight director gyro. D10 Series Flush Mount Bracket Proudly built in the U.

This two wire connection not only simplifies wiring but can extend individual module benefits to multiple interconnected Dynon instruments. You may, however, use a new panel to change the spacing to accommodate the EFIS. The time clock which can be set for local and Zulu dd10a is displayed in the lower left-hand corner of the screen, below the d100a tape.

Dynon’s software design enables complete control to maximize execution speed and deliver robust reliability.

The G5 calculates attitude using built-in inertial sensors. That means using those backup flight instruments that the STC says need to stay in the ffis. The probe has two static air pressure ports—one on the face, which is insensitive to the angle of attack—and another located on an angled surface of the probe, just under the pitot port. The instrument also uses GPS and airspeed data to tighten up the accuracy of the attitude information.

Provides progressive audible approach-to-stall alert.

About Us Customer Service. It can also be installed as a second attitude indicator in aircraft that already have one installed. However, there are some features that are not currently approved for use in type certificated aircraft. Bust the altitude by feet and the selected altitude data box changes to yellow text against a black background. You know, build your own low-cost glass panel. The D10A can be mounted in a standard configuration with an external bezel or flush mounted, using an optional flush-mount bracket.


This EFIS has a lot of capability. The parallel lines above and below the horizon line are the pitch indicator lines, with each line indicating 5 degrees of pitch.

Eis the magnetometer or OAT will be hard in my aircraft. A hallmark of the EFIS-D10A’s performance and a great safety feature is its ability to display the correct attitude within a few seconds of being powered on while in flight.

The onscreen menu consists of two rows of grey text boxes denoting the currently displayed menu. Silly, but those are the rules.

With edis 7-inch diagonal color LCD screen and a front bezel that measures 6.

In normal operation, the instrument uses airspeed to aid d10 attitude accuracy. Can I add a Dynon EFIS to an aircraft that was not originally shipped with — or does not have — an attitude indicator? When linked via DSAB, pages displayed on one instrument may be shared for display on other Dynon instruments.

Listing: EFIS-D10A

Dynon Avionics is the leading producer of avionics for Experimental and Light Sport Aircraft, with over 15, aircraft equipped all over the world. More aircraft approvals are expected to follow. The software uses the difference between these two pressures to calculate the AoA.

For more information on what data is contained in the cookies, please see our Privacy Policy page. This STC demonstrates that Dynon commercial products are suitable for use in type certificated aircraft.

A G meter shows the current, maximum and minimum acceleration. It is a visual representation of lateral acceleration.


When passing within and again at feet of a selected altitude, the set value flashes for five efiz. Can I install it myself? Each page has a dedicated menu, which may have options for hopping to another menu or adjusting parameters like the baro, setting the timer and adjusting the display backlighting.

The G5 should come up valid within one minute of initial power up. Is there a gyro inside the EFIS?

Dynon EFIS-D10A ::

All I want is an attitude efiss. DSAB not only allows you to share the fun with your co-pilot but delivers Dynon generated data directly to the instrument in front of you whenever you call upon it. The G5 can align itself while taxiing and during level flight. DSAB not only allows you to share the fun with your co-pilot but s10a Dynon generated data directly to the instrument in front of you whenever you call upon it. Attitude information is displayed over a virtual blue sky and brown ground with a white horizon line, which is also part of the pitch scale.

This modular concept promotes greater flexibility when configuring new aircraft panel systems and facilitates future expansion if so desired. The stationary roll indicator has an internal arrow that moves to stay perpendicular to the horizon, while a moving roll indicator rotates the scale about a stationary internal arrow, which points to the current roll angle on the scale.

D male connector Plumbing: Dynon says the instrument can provide an accurate attitude—even in the event of airspeed loss due to icing or other blockage —because of its redundant GPS assist function. Again, this follows the display of most mechanical attitude instrument presentations.