11 dez. A educação tradicional em Moçambique by Felizardo Cipire, , EMEDIL edition, in Portuguese – 2. ed. A educação tradicional em Moçambique by Felizardo Cipire, , EMEDIL edition, in Portuguese – 1. ed. A educação tradicional em Moçambique. Front Cover. Felizardo Cipire Bibliographic information. QR code for A educação tradicional em Moçambique.

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Teachers can not ignore the diversity and human and cultural wealth of their students.

O espectro do “camarada Samora” parecia, assim, estar mais vivo do que nunca. When dealing with cultural diversity is difficult to separate such a reflection of social inequality, because we recognize that cultural differences are often socially marked. Thus, as in other metropolitan areas of Mozambique, mocambiique Urban Planning and Mobility sector in Maputo calls for a regional-metropolitan institutional arrangement to allow a better coordination in the urban mobility field.

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How to cite this article. Pois, como se pode depreender: Concordamos com Dussel quando este afirma que: According to Costap. Cultural difference can vary by ethnicity, race, age, religion, gender, geographic region, world views, desires, values and so on. Despite the fact that diversity appears as something natural in social life and edcacao, we can say that it has become an educational problem created by the school institution itself, when want to manage it.

The official language in Mozambique is Portuguese, but it is a minority language that was chosen for official for political reasons related to national unity and the fact that there is at Independence no language that was sufficiently “modern” to be capable of conveying the Science, Technology and be able to serve as a lingua franca throughout the country.

Para Gadottip. Isto fica evidente nos discursos Samora Machel, para quem a luta armada foi a “escola”, a “grande universidade” na qual se formaram os militantes da Frelimo.

This is true because despite the differences among men there is something similar between them. According to the same author the defense of a common curriculum, today begins not be “politically correct” in some environments, because it is wide the defense of the differences. The idea of graduation becomes strongly adopted in curriculum and teaching becomes dependent of phases, courses, mental ages, normal and abnormal, early and late, successful and failed, etc. Maputo, capital of Mozambique, sees the condition of displacement and urban accessibility worsens as it grows its metropolitan area.

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One question that have concerned many educators is the management of cultural diversity at school. Contra quem ele dirigia este discurso?

A educação tradicional em Moçambique in SearchWorks catalog

Mozambican educators face the challenge of thinking on educational concepts and mocambiaue that take into account the issue of diversity and multiculturalism in education who intend to find ways to live together in the school between individuals from different cultures.

For such an undertaking is educscao we propose the creation and introduction of a discipline called “Teaching Diversity” in training courses for teachers, whose overall aim would be to reflect on the relationship between education, knowledge and culture.

The post-colonial studies reflect a lot about the concept of difference and the identities of subjects. In our thoughts and in contrast of theories of degeneration by hygienists who advocate pure forms and show the tradicoinal of mixed linguistic and cultural hybridization, I consider it as a cultural treasure that must be preserved.

Era o habitual “estilo samoriano” de interpelar seus ouvintes e, a seguir, arremeter com a resposta: Diversity, as well as inequality, are normal manifestations of human, social events, cultures and the responses of individuals toward the education in the classroom Diversity may appear more or less marked, but it is as normal as life itself, and we must accostumourselves with it and work from there. It can be biological or cultural.

Segundo Dusselp.

Today we reject the thesis of “clash of civilizations” and educaacao that cultural diversity 3 is an asset as important to humanity as biological diversity and the intercultural and respect for differences are the best ways to ensure peace and development. The advocates of pluralistic curriculum defend the existence of a common curriculum. The school usually plays a role to standardize and homogenize.

The term “multicultural” is used in English literature and the term “intercultural” in French literature. A resposta de Samora Machel: According to Gadottip. Studies on cultural diversity can be framed in the context of post-colonial and cultural studies.


It is also not the simple juxtaposition of two cultures, it has traces African but tradixional European and it is also at the same time, a third culture. Beyond multiculturalism and interculturalism, Mozambicans educators should also put in their agenda the issues of transcultural that has to do with the universal elements that are present in various cultures.

Sobre o assunto, ver, entre outros, Darch e Hedges ; o estudo pioneiro de Thomas H. When dealing with cultural diversity is difficult to turn a blind eye to discrimination based on race, ethnicity, gender, age, language, cultures. Nas zonas libertadas, essa palavra de ordem pretendia ser uma realidade. Such education advocates respect for diversity in school and the need for the recognition of equal rights for all. Empartiu para os Estados Unidos, onde concluiu o doutorado em Intercultural perspective consider the relationships between different educaczo and the interaction between them produces conflicts between different visions of the world; – respect to the subject in relation to intercultural education “as a relationship develops between people of different cultures.

Encontro de educadores negros do MNU. The Mozambican society is multilingual, multi-ethnic, multi-racial and socially stratified. Culturally, both are assumed transnational cultural values, as also revalue local cultures. Hybridization is used in this work to express the emergence of new cultures and new identities that educaca the result of blending of other cultures.

A educação tradicional em Moçambique

Concordamos com Dussel quando este afirma que:. For one thing, above all the layers of urban youth, influenced by globalization and the accession of new information and communication technologies, promote noticeable changes in customs and cultural habits [eg level of clothes, food tastes music, etc.

It is important to notice that a common curriculum does not mean a homogeneous culture, or even create a monocultural curriculum.