A collection of the various figures of speech that are used in biblical writing by E.W. Bullinger. By E. W. Bullinger, D.D.. ” How is it that .. Alexander Carson in a Treatise on the Figures of Speech, classifies law, condemn thee [though thou art a J-ew]. E. W. Bullinger’s volume, first published in , clarifies distinct figures of speech used in the Bible. Walter C. Kaiser, dean of Trinity Evangelical Divinity.

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One example is “Many Ands” or “Polysyndeton” can be factual.

The repetition of the same word or words at the beginning and middle of successive sentences. Ant-i-cat’-e-gor’-ia ; or, Tu Quoque Ezekiel Where the sense originally intended is preserved, though the words may vary Matthew An-throp’-o-path-ei’-a; or, Condescension Genesis 1: Me-ris’-mos ; or, Distribution Romans 2: Teaching a truth about one thing by substituting another for it which is unlike it.

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Figures of Speech Used in the Bible: Explained and Illustrated

Me-ris’-mos; or, Distribution Romans 2: The repetition of the same word or words at the beginning and middle of successive sentences. Joseph Griffin rated it really liked it Feb 10, The repetition of the same word or words in the middle and at the end of successive sentences.

The repetition of the same word or words in an inverse order, the sense being unchanged.

Now cigures, why not understand that during ancient times in the East, death or a stroke was expressed by “became a pillar of salt”. Conciliating others, by way of bullihger, because of something we are about to say. Of two words, where the meanings are different Exodus 5: But as soon as it starts slowing, passengers may react by turning heads to see what is going on, because momentum changed.


Employing some word which directs special attention to some paticular point or subject. Grief and complaint Gen. An-a’-pho-ra; or, Like Sentence Beginnings Deuteronomy Repeated Negation ; or Many Noes John Why should kicking the bucket sound less rediculous than becoming a pillar of salt?

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Repetition of the same or successive letters at the beginnings of words or clauses. Hardcoverpages. A description of a person’s peculiarities as to manners, caprices, habits, etc.

The scope of this work covers both the Old and New Testament and provides plentiful examples, often employing Hebrew and Greek. When something pertaining to the subject is put for the subject itself Genesis A material object substituted for a moral, or spiritual truth. Where there are two series, but each consisting of several members Ps. It’s not only the fact that it is so exhaustive and all encompassing, but that it was originally published ov – prior to databases, electronic texts and computerized searches!

Bullinger was about studying this. An expression of feeling by fogures and jeering. Introduction Copyright – by Mario D.

Figures of Speech by E.W. Bullinger

A transferring of the blame from one’s self to another. Again, that is innacurate. This figure belongs peculiarly figues the original languages. Hy-po-ti-me’-sis ; or, Under Estimating Romans 3: Sim’-ul-ta’-ne-um; or Insertion Revelation The repetition of the same word or words in the middle of successive sentences. Apeech don’t have to guess what kind of figure is being used in a given passage, though I certainly think on it myself to ensure the author is correct.


Comparison by continued resemblance. When the parallel lines are so placed that the first corresponds with the last, the second with the last but one, etc. The repetition of the same word or words in the middle of successive sentences.

With an ultra wide angle lens, we can make the tree in front look huge and the person behind seem small. Great insight but tough read because of the use of Roman numerals, older fonts, and layout of the points and sub-points are quite difficult to decipher at times.

The repetition of the same word at the beginning of successive sentences. Met-al’-la-ge ; or, a Changing Over Hosea 4: This list is not intimidating if you have a hunger to learn.

Figures of Speech Used In The Bible

If you’ve ever struggled with difficult statements in the Scriptures, then E. Pros’-o-po-graph’-i-a ; or, Description of Persons Matt. A transference of speakers; as when the reader is addressed as if actually present. Berean Gospel Messages by Charles H.