Dziennikarski Kodeks Obyczajowy. http:// Fiut Ignacy S., Filozofia – media . Course title: Journalistic ethics I, Name in Polish: Etyka dziennikarska I Dziennikarski Kodeks Obyczajowy. dokumenty_kmp1. -Code of Journalistic Ethic (Kodeks etyki dziennikarskiej) adopted by The – Journalistic Code of Conduct (Dziennikarski Kodeks Obyczajowy) adopted by.

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American Society of Newspaper Editors. This course is not currently offered.

Serwisy informacyjne a autopromocja środków przekazu – na przykładzie „Faktów” TVN

Managing a team of reporters. Public media in Central and Eastern Europe. Application of ethical theories in moral reasoning: Application of kkodeks recognized principles of journalism as a guarantee of media reliability. Snoddy Raymond, Richard Sambrook: Protection of information sources and its scope.

Applying the model in practice. Based on the theory, students will learn about ethical issues that come up in the professions of journalist and media manager in different political and economic systems of kdoeks contemporary world. Collegium Civitas, dzienniarski grudnia r. Philosophical foundations of the theory of ethics: Skip to main menu Skip to submenu Skip to content.


Language used in media and the principle of gender equality. Radio-Television News Directors Association. Public radio in Poland. You are not logged in log in. Political activity of journalists and other public media employees. O odpowiedzialnosci etycznej dziennikarzy.

Etyka dziennikarza by Liza Stecko on Prezi

Three Rivers Press, Course descriptions are protected by copyright. Additional information registration calendar, class conductors, localization and schedules of classesmight be available in the USOSweb system:. Codes of journalistic ethics in the Polish press. The “tape scandal” and the ethical problems of journalists involved.

Applying ethical theories in moral reasoning. At the meeting point of law and ethics. Cases in Journalistic Decision-Making.

A system of values and its role in society. Seminar 4 Discussion on the test concerning the rights of minors. Freedom of speech, responsibility and independence of the press. Transparent financing and management. Seminar 5 Discussion on the test concerning conflict of interests. Comparing codes of ethics.


Journalistic ethics I

Discussion on the test concerning the scope of protection of minors. The British model of public media. Seminar 8 Discussion on the test concerning the scope of protection of minors.