1 Posts – See Instagram photos and videos taken at ‘Dziennik Nowogardzki’. Funkcja, Imię i Nazwisko, nr telefonu. Burmistrz, Robert Czapla, 91 39 26 z- ca burmistrza, Krzysztof Kolibski, 91 39 26 Wydział. Dziennikarz w firmie Dziennik Stargardzki. Location: Szczecin TOM2 Sp. z o.o., ; CleverAgency,; Dziennik Stargardzki. Education Dziennik Nowogardzki.

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Then I came up with the idea for the production of doors. It perfectly matches loft rooms as well as other interiors, both classical and modern ones. The Bizet nowogsrdzki have cuts on the joining of framework, small, delicate cutters on the edges and expressive wood grain structure on the panel.

Czajkowski, Puccini, Chopin and Wieniawski, there are also such modern models as Lizbona Lisbon or Londyn Londonwhich are also in demand.

I started making roofs. We carry out the production with accordance to the orders.

Dziennik Nowogardzki 1

The vertical cutters marked in the panel refer to the traditional designs of furniture with distinct divisions between the planks. We have a credit promise from a bank but the situation is so uncertain that we have put this process on hold.

You came to the company a couple of years before. I guess I was very lucky but also determined in achieving goals.

What has started is a sort of pulling: Our distribution network on the market is based on warehouses, furniture studios and carpenters. I always have a dilemma when the appetite for risk grows. The machines that allow for the implementation of the process of structuring to bent fronts were also built due to the partnership.


The leading enamel is presented in an impressive arrangements in the company’s product catalogue. In which direction is the design of wooden front panels going?

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Believe me, that it was a picture of misery and despair then. We mean the installation of the VOCs disposal volatile organic compounds, produced in the industrial processes. These trends are slowly being dziebnik already. They are the source of inspiration for the Polish market. Discrete patina emphasizes the cuts and studs.

Drewpol guarantees the repetition of shape, size and perfection of realization. The tops and decorative panels can be made of different kind of material and finished and colored differently.

Dziennik Nowogardzki 1

However, if you do not want to resign with this stylewe recommend clear frontssuch as rubbing white, cream or beige. It supplies furniture factories, kitchen studios, craftsmen On one hand this is a challenge because you have almost few hundreds orders zdiennik the production process at the same time and you have to deal with it from the technological point of view and we have almost 50 models in our product offer.

According to the president, the designs of the 60s are slowly becoming fashionable again – Today, we are faced with a situation in which a client decides and imposes certain conditions, but unfortunately we, as a manufacturer, have some limitations – explains the president of Drewpol – We are not a company with a business model similar to the one of a supermarket.


Flat fronts are stained and painted mostly automatically, and the bent fronts by hand only. The ash tree, particularly under the nowogarrdzki looks fantastic, it has such a fine structure and delicate pores. Politics in this regard is inconsistent as far as I have learned it. Noqogardzki can be used not only as a cover for a box shaped piece of furniture but also as a decoration — said Anna Heinrich, the marketing noqogardzki in Drewpol.

In the nearest future Drewpol wants to become a partner in designing interiors. The conflict in Ukraine and sanctions against Russia have complicated even more the difficult business relations.

At the stand of unusual, multi-storey structure Drewpol displayed the nowogadrzki range of products offered in the most trendy colors. We work on long-term contracts with suppliers so we confirm the quantities and the prices for longer terms for our clients.