The Salutation of Red Sulphur/Durud Kibrit Ahmar This blessed salutation is well known in the Qadri tariqa. (Durood Kibrit Ahmar link posted in comments). Mar 14, i had a dream where the Prophet pbuh is about to make salaah, and they ask me to pray next to them, and i look at them with a smile and say to. Apr 17, Durood Kibrit Ahmar. Durood Kibrit Ahmar ยท DAROOD-i-KIBIYAT AHMER SHARIF-English Translation. Dalasil-ul Khairat with Darood Shariffs.

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Infact the name of this Darood is Darood of the Red Sulfur. Quite curiously he met the same old man several times on his journey and every time until the old man offered him the same awrad to recite. Newer Post Older Post Home. O Lord of Honour and Power, place him at the Lauded Station so that all his predecessors and successors envy him.

Sulfur is also an element used in alchemy to transform substances, thus we may say that red sulfur stresses the aspect of a permanent transformation which derives by the continuous recitation of this composition in praise of the Holy Prophet, SAWS.

He kibrif the hidden secret. What recompense have You given to each prophet on behalf of his community, give the best reward to our patron on behalf of us and also give good return to all the Prophets.

I am Al Jilani, my name is Muhiyuddin, And my banners fly on shmar tops. He is a prophet belonging to the family of Hashim and to Mecca and Hijaz.

Also fulfil his desire in the world and the Hereafter as you have done in case of Ibrahim and Moses. You reserved for him the elevated position of Chief mediator and great intercessor on the Resurrection Day which would be the day of utmost anxiety and disturbance. Let this blessings and salutations continue as long as You are remembered by those who glorify you and by those who forget to glorify You.


kibrit al-ahmar |

Make the blessedness of his Praiswerly station manifest to all the predecessor and successors. He who conveyed Your message, fulfilled the trust, advised his Ummah, banished the trouble, enlightened the darkness and he waged holy war against infidelity and worshipped his Lord until he returned to eternal abode.

Send blessings and confer peace on him and on his Children in number equal to the bounties of God Most High and His beneficence.

Infinite blessings and peace be on all of them. Had I thrown my secret over mountains, They would have become pulverized. I am Hasani and my abode is my cell, And my feet are on the neck of each Saint. Such blessings be on him as it please Yourself and deserving kibrif Your prophet and. O Allah, honour his authority and make his evidence prominent, and grant him his request in respect of the people of his house and his progeny.

May all of them be blessed by the Lord. O duroood Lord, exalt his name and make his religion dominant and his Shariah everlasting and endow him with abundant sublimities and in the Hereafter accept his intercession in respect of his Ummah durlod elevate him to prominent rank and award him the best recompense and return.

Durood Kibrit Ahmar – Durood of the Red Sulfur

You addressed him, conversed with him in Your presence. It has also a specific way of recitation that renders it very effective, ahmsr this way of recitation is not known to everyone. Darood Kibrit Ahmar Sharif is the elective powerful instrument for spiritual and material progress of the Chishti Order, also its power is beyond description.


In my intoxication, I understood the friends in my midst. Send blessings and confer peace in the manner which befits his majesty. He kinrit the court for the kubrit and subject of the witness. Gather us with your Beloved friend in Paradise without indulging us in severe torment in the condition that You are pleased with us and not angry with us. I acquired knowledge till I became a Polar-Star.

They are companions remorseful like those who fast, And are like pearls in the darkness of the kibriit. And become my Companion.

He has granted me the status through which I have attained high eminence. I cast a glance at the entire Empire of Allah, It is like a mustard seed alongside my sovereignty.

O my Lord, shower blessings on all his brother prophets and messengers, saints of his community, the righteous, the angels of access [and our patron Shaikh Mohyuddin Abdul Qadir Jilani who occupies nearest place in Divine Presence and is the guardian of divine mysteries.

He is the reality of everything and light of guidance. Confer peace and safety on our faith and creed, in our worldly matters and in the Hereafter. Do not be frightened, my disciple, of a Slanderer, For I am a determined combatant in banie.

Such blessings be on him which may please You and please Your Beloved and by the virtue of which you are pleased with us. Translated by Muhammad Riaz Qadiri from the book: To whom You did show your greatest signs. I said to all the Polar-turnips.

For whom You made sweet water burst forth from his finger.