Buy ELEKTRONİK ELEMANLARI by Duran Leblebici (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible. Undergraduate. Studies Electrical Engineering, Elektronik, and Solar Energy. Papers · Duran Leblebici ELEKTRONIK ELEMANLARmore. by Birol şentürk. Recommended readings: • Elektronik Elemanları, Leblebici, • Yarıiletken Devre Elemanlarının Temelleri, E. Yang (Çeviri: Leblebici Y.),

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Topics 2 FEB Introduction, overview of topics, overview of basic knowledge required for this course 9 FEB Atomic models, crystal structure, semiconductor physics, doping, current leblevici mechanisms, Continuity Equation 16 FEB pn junction, currents in unbiased pn junction, formation of depletion layer, carrier density diagrams, derivation of potential barrier and depletion layer thickness, and Semiconductor Diode Equation.

Be conscious about professional and ethical responsibility. Apply the mathematical, scientific and engineering knowledge for real life problems Type of Assessment Written exam Homework assignment. Have the sufficient knowledge about mathematics, sciences and engineering about of their own disciplines; have the competence to use theoretical and applied knowledge of these disciplines for modelling and solving engineering problems.

ECTS Info Package

Electro magnetic oscillations and AC circuits. Solutions of first and second order circuits, computer applications. Semiconductor Properties calculators, graphs, general info from BYU.


Draws the equivalent circuits of a diode. A single-atom transistor Nature Nanotechnology Jan Analog integrated circuit designers and RF circuit designers in industry who need help making design choices will also find this a practical and valuable reference.

Explains the operation of diode rectifier circuits. Transistor dutan, physical characteristics of BJT, biasing conditions, current components, transistor parameters. Designs the single stage bipolar transistor amplifiers. Project Page Feedback Known Problems.

Active and passive elements. Explains the structure of semiconductors and leblwbici mechanism of current flow. Types of diodes, Zener effect, Zener diodes, diode capacities, sample circuits constructed with diodes.

Simple circuit models enable a robust understanding of high-frequency design fundamentals, and SPICE simulations are used to check results and fine-tune the design.

For a better engagement, after the class, the students should be able to solve all the given problems, by studying together and by consulting the lecturer. Select and use modern techniques and equipments required for Elektronics and Communications Enginnering applications.

Explains the operation principles and applications of semiconductor switching components such as thyristor, triac, diac etc. Turkish Mode of delivery: Calculates the diffusion current in semiconductors.

Explains the operation principle of semiconductor diodes, calculates diode current. Designs the diode rectifier circuits. Explains the operation principle of bipolar transistors. Two and multi-terminal elements: The major issues that must be taken into account when combining analog and digital circuit building elektrobik are covered, together with the key elektronim and parameters that are used to describe system-level performance.


Most widely held works by Duran Leblebici. Semiconductor diode; physical structure, terminal characteristics, analysis of diode circuits. Maxwell denklemleri ve elektromanyetik dalgalar.

Introduction, overview of topics, overview of basic knowledge required for this course.

Leblebici, Duran

Personal studies for final exam: To be successful in this course, a continuous study is recommended. Calculates the current for the ideal and non-ideal diodes.

TBA for appointment call 35 50 or send e-mail to haceryildiz[at]itu. Mesh current method and node voltage method.

ELE E Introduction to Electronics

Current and voltage equations. Sedra and Kenneth C.

Thevenins and Nortons theorems. Analysis and design of MOS and Bipolar transistor switches. Electronic Devices Course code: