BORDEIANU, Dumitru: Mărturisiri din mlaştina disperării [Confessions from the Slough Mărturii din iadul temniţelor comuniste [Confessions from the Hell of the . Dumitru Bordeianu Marturii Din Mlastina Disperarii. Uploaded by. Claudiu Onea. Statistical Analysis With ArcView GIS. Uploaded by. Claudiu Onea. Uploaded by. Paul · Gafencu. Uploaded by. Paul · Uploaded by. Paul .

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Documentar. Marturii din mlastina disperarii Video (Author: Dumitru Bordeianu)

Along with them, many people were convinced that with communism there was achieved the ultimate level of the social evolution. I saw a civilian malstina on the desk. Wikipedia] brigadier general, sub-director-general of the General Directorate of People’s Security; [3, 4] 32 Especially for this occasion, the political officer had procured Jurcanu cudgels of green and knotty wood, rubber truncheons, and flexible rubber cables with metallic core.

However, as far as I am concerned, I have never doubted the truth mlastkna his statements relative to his experiences. I put the question to myself: You look here at me, you shall be of ar- mored concrete, and we’ll soften you anyway. Of some people, the blood still flowed from the mouth. Scribd is the worlds largest social reading and publishing site.

On his bones, there dni remained only the tight skin and the big eyes sunk in the orbits. I told him to be strong, and if he was investigated and beaten, to resist, because other- wise he risked staying in prison. He had the appearance of a young person from the dumihru of Leonardo da Vinci.

After the door closed, I remained behind it, and heard uninten- tionally the discussion between the ministers and the director: They forced me to set the most eloquent example by posing for my brother Ion, [Read approximately: In addition, they have had a relative scientific and press immunity, as well as an absolute legal immunity, even after the disappearance of communism in the respective states.


Therefore, by appearance he seemed to be Russian, and by language plain Romanian. They must have known in advance that he would function impeccably.

Usually reserved for meetings of the prison staff, it was changed into a court-room for trial. On the other hand, Romanian religious fundamentalist and extreme-nationalist circles are interested in using it for a religious and, respectively, political propaganda. So this tool was designed for free download documents from the internet. For this reason, it can be conjectured that those persons had to as soon as possible be destroyed not only spiritually, but also physically.

There came in two indi- viduals, and began crying as loud as they could: This plan must have been drawn up soon after the end of the 2nd world war.

Marturisiri din mlastina disperarii tot filmul on vimeo. Beyond their identification, the facial expression of those persons may also help in revealing with the aid of psychology and psychiatry the effects of the communist state on human personality, and other circumstances relative to their func- tioning as persons of the authorities.

They staged ‘aspects from the legionary activity,’ which were filmed and photographed to be at- tached to the dossiers as pieces of accusation. Istvan Adorjan 10 1.

It came true that the occult had drawn up the plan mathematically, and a new criminal phase was opening before us. And that was seen on my face. On the one hand, there is a strong interest of neglecting and even falsifying it on the part of some political circles, as the great majority of the victims were legionaries, and the persons responsible for the corresponding crimes were non-legionaries.

Thus, he changed from defender into accuser. With this book, I also present a list of persons involved in that.

I entered an investigation bureau. I told him that was healthy, and was thinking as he also had known.

Nmarturisiri din mlastina disperarii pdf

On one of the days, the first 42 warden Roman told the re-educated: And as he conducted his research within the Romanian communist state, where he was continually perse- cuted by the Securitate, and where a mere every-day diary could be a reason for arrestation and assas- sination, he can be considered borveianu hero of the historical cognition as well.


The marturil as well will give credit to you, when you do to your best friend, or even a brother what I am doing with my friend.

Consequently, there were frequent the situations when a majority beat a minority. Either you are insane, or you have lost your sight?

It being moonless, those escorting us had lamps in the hands. Wikipedia] director-general of the General Directorate of the Security of State; [3, 4] [source: Find the most uptodate version of din at engineering So dressed, he looked still more robust.

It was he who had directly led the disclosures by orders of Nicolski. In my case, the interest of the Romanian communist regime, directly, and that of the Romanian national conspirational imperialist organization, indirecdy, was that I grew old in failed attempts to leave Ro- mania illegally.

Not only its failure, but also its human-rights abuses show how illegitimate is such an ideo- logy.

In the room, there was no pub- 13 lie, besides the two individuals who did not cease to cry: It was rumored that the talk took place only between father and son, without that other persons were present. They no longer took us out to the air and bath. Historical events are by their nature directly accessible only to a relatively small number of humans, who can be considered privileged from the point of view of scientific cognition.

I still added to tell mother that it might be that she would never see me what did happen: