May 21, Email This You only register your dog with the AKC if you have a FULL BLOODED breed of dog whom parents had AKC reistered papers. If you. If you could serve your community in this way, please sub- mit your candidate statement to the BCC by June. The Bridgeville . Twenty mile riders – Tour of the Unknown Coast May 5, .. you get kids that are more likely to engage in drunk driving, have .. For Sale— AKC registered black standard. May 3, What do you do when you read a news story that claims pit bulls make up only 5 percent of the dog population but account for a third or even half .

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The big difference here is that when a pit bull does bite they cause serious damage. They are comparatively hypoallergenic, but they themselves suffer from allergies to fleas, tics, chemicals, pollen, dust, etc. Any dog can bite. I love my husband, kids and dogs.

Domestic dog Canis lupus familiaris. If he were show line, never worked a day but had a pedigree I would have no problem.

The boxer — like all bracecyphalic dogs — has difficulty controlling its temperature in hot weather, the inability to shed heat places limits on physical performance.

Dane Angel, thank you for sharing all of this and expressing your opinion in a sruk, inoffensive way, because it communicates your message in a way that people understand and consider.

Pedigree: CH Yukon’s Drunk On You High On Summertime

As a matter of fact, they are very loveable goofballs. You are also ridiculous for saying that Pit Bull lovers are against them being bred.


I am not defending breeders because I am not one! Although hair, dander, and saliva can be minimised, they are still present and can stick to “clothes and the carpets and furnishings in your home”; inhaling the allergens, or being licked by the dog, can trigger a reaction in a sensitive person.

Ohio’s New ‘Vicious Dog’ Liability Law Becomes Effective May 22

But NOT a watchdog! Akcc-u 5, at You are just as ignorant and stupid as the first guy that said he would never trust a Pit. Allowing a small number of reponsible breeders to breed? Any color is acceptable, although coats with more than 80 percent either white, black and tan, or liver are least preferred.

Some will want mutts, others will want purebreds…. Next, I would like to say that as a retired medic we saw more bites from small dogs, There were a few over the years of the larger breeds, but something always came out later about the story, such as a kid that had repeatedly teased and hit a dog over the years that hit it on a day that that the dog had had surgery,trying to break up a cruk between two dogs that was started by the smaller dog,etc.

She actually has a rear leg length discrepancy, but compensates very well. Guess what pitbull patriot?

But I can tell you this, you sound like a very misguided, angry, judgmental person, not only do you have little to zero experience with quite possibly the greatest breed of dog there is, the loving, loyal, goofy Petbull, but you also seem to know everything there is to know about them without this direct experience that people like I have, and you also seem to know everything about people too.

How many people who are posting have ever been to a dog show, how many have you taken the time to understand how the dogs are judged? Bichon Frises are very obedient if training is started early and continued constantly.


It really makes you sound ignorant. There are other jobs, but you get the point. It has a very adorable picture of him, and also has a picture of me, my dad, and my brother. How is that a trap? My cousin took a call involving 2 pits attacking a young child who came home from school early, when his parents were not home.

Perhaps no other dog has endured the public misperceptions that the pit bull has.

Pit Bull forum to help dispel myths about the breed | West Philly Local

May 3, at 4: Which breed, which problem, and what percent of the population suffers? You are more likely to get attacked, within a cage, by a lion than a grizzly, so grizzlies must be suitable pets? Are you maimed for life?

Steve, check in with Julie Atchison of wwww. Too much angulation breaks down too, and no they would not be able to jump a fence.

The man and his family raised that dog the right way. Humans made dog breeds from that stock.

Yes, Pit Bulls Suddenly Snap

Yes, pits should be approached with caution, but so should Chihuahuas. Bichons are also prone to liver shunts. With so few concerned enough to challenge the validity of show breeding organizations, they are free to dictate and regulate in areas of biology and genetics without consequence.