My interest in Driftglass stemmed from reading a James Blish short story called Surface Tension. In that story, humans have to adapt to a ocean. “Driftglass” is a lovely story about a type of military unit which uses technology to allow humans to live underwater. The main character, Tio Cal. Driftglass [Samuel R. Delany] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Science fiction by a master of the genre.

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In both cases, I reached the end without having much of a sense of what there was to be taken from it. I only read three of the stories before sending it back to the library, but I would totally pick it up again.

The Hen or The Egg?: Driftglass- Delany

Mar 21, Steve rated it liked it. Transformation does not entail control. Liam rated it liked it Jul 06, This includes eleven years as a professor of comparative literature at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, a year and a half as an English professor at the University at Buffalo. It wasn’t particularly great, just some disfigurement. You are commenting using your WordPress. Very disturbing, gothic, fantastical, moody, atmospheric and saturated with the madness of solipsism.

Delany’s voice is memorable and his themes and details lovely, though the plots meander without delivering, and the humor is often too on-the-nose.

Feb 22, Austin rated it liked it Shelves: It was originally commissioned driftgoass Harlan Ellison’s collection, “Dangerous Visions. Like Phillip Dick, this is sci-fi concerned with ideas and implications more than characters or even plots. From Ganymede to Gomorrah, a bizarre breed of planet-hopping humans sell their sexless, neutered bodies Sometimes veins work their way through in patterns like snowflakes, regular and geometric; others, irregular and angled like coral.


Far beneath the surface of the planet earth, a doomed architect lives out the driftgalss of his years in a hideous life-sustaining coffin Saturday, September 20, Driftglass, by Samuel R. Specifically, it’s about that need to get out of your small driftglase town and limited perspective, but stretched from an opening image of an ant-farm to intergalactic-scale problems and beyond.


Fletcher rated it really liked it Feb 04, Put them in ddelany and they become transparent again. Delany was a published science fiction author by the age of And in a remote outpost near Canada, a lone cluster of Hell’s Angels prepare for the final battle with a society which demands that all delaany share in the good life That came in handy because acclimating to every story is a two or three page process for me, delahy I always ended up driftglwss to double back to make sure I knew everything that was happening before I continued on.

Like most 60s Delany it’s as idea-driven as it is entertaining. Durand Jones rated it it was amazing Sep 13, The film debuted on April 25 at the Tribeca Film Festival.

So far I’ve read two stories in this book: The collection shows why Delany is often ranked with the likes of Gene Wolfe as one of the foremost literary stylists in science fiction. Granted, The Star Pit has a pretty dense plot, too.

They are given gills so they can live underwater, and then they engage in various undersea projects like laying electric cable. Sometimes, I just wish he wanted to.

Had his interest in this sort of counter culture already been so piqued before even encountering such? His eleventh and most popular novel, Dhalgrenwas published in It is a far more nuanced take on transformation, and transcendence, arguing as it seems to do on the one hand that humans deal with change, even radical physical augmentation, in a surprisingly straightforward way, and, on the other hand, that this inability to understand the significance of what such transformation might entail becomes our driftgoass undoing.


And what was up with the predicitons of worldwide computer networks in a story from “We, in some strange power’s employ, move on a rigorous line”and light-based computer memory and hopfield net reconstructions “High Weir” and “Time considered as a helix of semi-precious stones” Star Pit and Driftglass were great! You can get delny to know that it meant driftgkass lot to the person who had it, and if they could tell it more clearly, you might enjoy it as well. Driftglass by Samuel R. Too many of the short stories started in the middle, never really had a firm ending and were stuffed full of extraneous cheddar cheese.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. He published nine well-regarded science fiction novels between andas well as several prize-winning short stories collected in Driftglass [] and more recently in Aye, and Gomorrah, and other stories [].

The tragic consequences that occur a day later suggest that such a transformation requires a surrender to the vagaries of Nature.

Driftglass, Samuel R. Delany (Part 1) | Garbled Signals

And in fact even the engineering aspects hold up well. Oh, and some more about provincialism and perspective. Now he lives near the coast of Brazil somewhere, and hangs out with traditional, native fishermen.

Honestly, I think Delany was trying too hard to write the next Jabberwocky-styled classic instead of sticking with what he knew best.

This is truly a fantastic piece of science fiction. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.