Dregoth Ascending Part 2: The Quest. 1. Dregoth Ascending. Part II: The Quest. Version A Dark Sun adventure for characters of levels http://athas. org Dregoth Ascending Part 2: The Quest. Dregoth Ascending Part II: The Quest Version A Dark Sun adventure for characters of levels A Dark Sun adventure by for characters of levels Dregoth Ascending Part 1: The Day of Light.

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The Burnt World of Athas

Rise of the Dead King Dregoth during his years had become obsessed with the idea of true godhood. Dregoth during his years had become obsessed with the idea of true godhood. The lush gardens and trees of Guistenal turned to ash as the Dread King fought back against the onslaught, and hundreds of his loyal followers and subjects fell to their knees as the remaining champions stole forth their life rdegoth fuel power arcane might upon the infant Dragon King.

As this is a preview version of the adventure, feedback is still welcomed, pending a final release with full artwork in the near future. At least, for the time being. He called these chosen people the dray, and they reflected the draconic power of their master. Unfortunately for Dregoth, the rest of the Champions knew this as well. Brought to you by the design team at www.

Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. The Day of Light preview release. Next would be sacrifice, and the dray preached the doctrine in every imaginable way.


Emerald waves of negative energy crawled up the torn flesh, knitting through bone and hide, gathering at the face and lingering ascendung a ghostly mask. Its visage lowered to the Templar before it, bathing him in a haunting, pale verdant hue from the waves of deathly energy gushing forth.

His mastery of the will and of magic was immense, and he was but a breath away from joining Borys as a dragon. The Outer Planes and Godhood Deep within the ancient ruins that New Guistenal would be built, the Dread King had discovered an artifact of immense power and bewilderment. Ascendding labor, time, wealth, to the lives of animals and demi humans, the followers of Dregoth would go forth and practice his will.

Posted By Abstruse Thursday, 27th December, She saw the ever growing strength of Dregoth, and feared acsending would soon ascend fully.

Acsending Day of Light includes preliminary artwork and maps needed to play the adventure and utilizes the Dark Sun 3e Core Rules, available for free at www. It is believed that the conduits that funnel powers from his devote people simply do not exist on Athas, and that while Dregoth may exact his revenge, he may never see his dream of godhood come to fruition.

Send comments to jon athas. Tuesday, 21st December, Not only would he build a seat of power, but ascensing would also build a people worthy of his presence. Deep within the darkened recesses of the earth, away from the scorching hammer of the crimson sun, a body stirred upon the boundaries of life and death. Posted By Morrus Friday, 28th December, dtegoth, Dregoth believed that bathing it in the blood of the Coruscation would be the final step in empowering the relic, and ultimately, be the final step in channeling divinity from the dray.


Sunday, 26th December, One thing is for certain: Rajaat is ever looming, as is Borys of Ebe, the Dragon of Tyr. Rregoth, it may be time to tell their tale. There he would build New Guistenal, and plot bloody revenge.

The Burnt World of Athas – Dregoth Ascending

The rotted mass of flesh dug its fingers into the stone, sending pinpricks of sparks flashing like steel against flint. Ascrnding the continued rampaging of Borys in her mind, Abalach-Re reached out to the other Champions and divulged her fears and concerns.

As the magical degoth took hold onto his form, he would gather what was left of his Templars and subjects and retreat fair beneath the city. Good stuff – I will download it and read it over the Christmas break. This preview release features part one of the Dregoth Ascending trilogy: