The Dreamblade(tm) DCI(r) Floor Rules work in conjunction with the DCI GENERAL DREAMBLADE MINIATURES TOURNAMENT RULES. And it’s an excellent game—weird, fantastical figures, interesting rules, and lots of opportunity for clever strategy. Dreamblade Rules Summary v1. Special rules that change the way a miniature works. . Wizards of the Coast, Dreamblade, and their logos are trademarks of Wizards of the Coast, Inc. in the.

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Each miniature will have a common, uncommon or rare designation.

Booster Draft – Players assemble in groups, ideally consisting of 4 players each. The playing pieces of the game and the only element that is collectible.

No registered users and 0 guests. Rose Luna Frostthorn Apr 2, Also here’s a way to launch it. If using three boosters, the warbands must have no more than 16 miniatures, as in constructed play. They are activated whenever enough Blades are rolled during an attack and a figure in the attack has a blade ability.

Constructed – Each player brings their premade warband of miniatures to the event. Wizards of the Coast no longer supports these programs, though independent tournament organizers may still sanction non-premier Dreamblade tournaments.

The fault for the existence of rules lawyers is, of course, the diabolically bad rules out there that gives the lawyers something to argue about. On the Night Queenhowever, purge is a double blade ability; one must attack with Night Queen and roll dreamblzde least two blades to use it. You can even input the results of real dice rolls.

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You need to sign in or create an account to do that. Share directly to my status. My webpage for the program is at the address below, and here you can download the program for your platform of choice: Special rules for a miniature that are written on its base.

Having the board set up beside it makes sense. They are understandable to the extent that possible words in the rules mean what they mean in every day language.

Vengeance, on Valor’s Inscribed Axebeastappears to be an example of a no title ability.

This item has been added to your Favorites. No specific event is needed, it simply requires that your opponent has won three or more turns to spawn the creature with this ability. Know that there are distinct types, what those types are, and how and when they’re used.

Now, on to the types of abilities. The spoilers are only now coming out, and well under half the figs in the first set have been shown. They’re organized well and things are stated once, in a specific location, and logically placed. Draw upon psychic energies to create rhles creatures that you control in battle. Pages using infobox game with unknown parameters.


Usually one blade is enough, but sometimes not. As if it’s the serious player’s fault that they want to use the rules to win and will use them to do so. Players start out on opposite corners of the grid this is known as the player’s portal.


All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Dreambllade dice are six-sided see the attached picture.

It should be 4 or 5. The AI algorithm you use with default parameters is quite slow on my machine which has lots of cpu power.

EQ2 Resource – Understanding Abilities in Dreamblade

Please note that Wizards of the Coast are in no way associated with this computer game. Crit is the most obvious such ability. You may play a card in the same hand as X without paying its mana cost. Since the drewmblade of the game I’ve bought or so used figures hoping that at least my kids will play it eventually. You are the best for making this!

Having read the Dreamblade rules at least a half dozen times now I can say one thing: Each player begins with a warband composed of no more than 16 miniatures. Abilities are distinguished from one another by their names dreaamblade differ in their activation requirement s. Now with more than cards! Thanks so much for this project.