Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to present Dragonstar, a unique space fantasy campaign setting for use with the d20 System. This book, the Starfarer’s. 8 Products Shop at Noble Knight Games for Dragonstar (d20) by Fantasy Flight Games – part of our Full Inventory collection. New, used, and Out-of-Print. Other than the missing ones (navigation, spelljammer helm use — see the Spelljamer d20 thread). So, I was wondering if all you Dragonstar.

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Elves have a dark place reserved in their hearts for their ebon-skinned cousins, the subterranean drow.

Dragonstar d20 vs Spelljammer d20

In general, the drow dislike everyone, even their dragon masters. These days, however, they have taken a more active hand in politics. While there are dwarves on most major planets in the Dragon Empire, they usually prefer isolation to the hubbub of the great multicultural cities.

Humans probably get along best with halflings, who remind them oftheir own children. They were still outnumbered by most of the other major races, but there were millions of dragons spread across thousands of worlds. Many halflings are career spacers. Many half-orcs also find that, like the half-elves, their twin heritage draws them to Dualism.

Sorcerer male dragonstsr, cleric female. The Empire is led by Mezzenbonean evil red dragon. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Dragonstar – Wikipedia

Seems even these noble lords aren’t above political squabbling and power plays. Half-dragons vary a lot in appearance, depending on the color of the dragon parent and the race of its mate. A Dragonstar site, featuring an alternative setting using the Dragonstar rules. Today, under Mezzenbone, we’re in the dawn of the Red Age. A basic premise of the setting is that advanced technology is sufficient to handle most tasks, but things that are considered impossible by our current understanding of physics, such as faster-than-light travel between stars, force-fields, and teleportation, are accomplished with magic.


Of course, being dragons and full of avarice, they’re usually not content to simply rule over the locals. We discovered that the entire planet had quickly been ground under the collective booted heel of the invaders. They honor the Father as the master of the universe’s grand design, and gnome scientists and mechanists often worship the Smith or the Magus, and those involved in commercial pursuits pay tribute to the Merchant.

I’ll mount an expedition as soon as I muster out. Gnomes have always taken easily to the sciences, so the development oftechnology has been a boon to them. Well, who’s to say the gods have anything against the dragons? Halflings also have a well-earned reputation as being the best in the professional service industries. The Gnome Commerce Guild is more of a trade organization than a political body, though its leadership does try to influence trade and tax laws.

Just about every civilized planet hosts several halfling cultural celebrations every year. Common, for instance, is spoken by most human cultures on every planet I’ve ever visited.

The survivors panicked, trampling each other into the dirt in a desperate effort to escape the assault from above.

Drow are considered children until they reach the age of While the reality didn’t exactly live up to its billingand I don’t see how it could have-I hear the years under the Qesemet banner were a far sight better than anything that came before. The dragons certainly seem to think so. If there was dragostar shadow, for instance, how could there be light? Still, gnomes have their favorites.

Just about everyone who wasn’t laid up in a bed somewhere gathered in the great square in front of the palace to listen and learn. As has been mentioned, Spelljammer is all magic. Every planet in the Empire has its own Legion garrison.


Dragonstar: Starfarer’s Handbook (d20 Roleplaying System)

But they can never use it to justify their actions, and they can never use it in court. EMS The rise of interstellar civilization has been a challenge for the elves.

Elven Man o’ War: Once you get a taste of the wandering life, the kind of life you’ll live in the Legions, it’s hard to get it out of your system. Additional details about each race are described below. They long ago began dragoonstar grow a number of dragonxtar starships.

Brutorz Bill’s

Every campaign needs its own version of Jabba the Hutt. For humans, the clock is always ticking.

Not that old Lazalius is likely to be a more beneficent ruler anyway. Halflings are more comfortable in cramped quarters than any other race, and they’ve adapted well to the rise of a spacefaring civilization.

See Diplomacy in Chapter Four: Much of dwarven society is based dragpnstar these vital connections, and the largest clans are akin to interplanetary conglomerates in both scope and power. Since then, of course, I’ve seen places that make Verilus-the height of civilization on my homeworldseem like the back-end of the galaxy. Of course, a lot of us aren’t given a choice about joining up, kind of like you.

They don’t have an official homeworld but still maintain a fierce pride in their heritage. John Caspian, prince to a deposed and murdered king, working to someday exact my revenge on those who had betrayed my father and stolen my birthright. Soulmechs are the perfect example.