Dracula: The Un-Dead [Dacre Stoker, Ian Holt] on In this sequel to Bram Stoker’s Dracula, his great-grandnephew offers one of the rowdiest revisionist treatments of the most influential vampire novel .. Dracula-the undead. Dracula, the Un-Dead [Dacre Stoker] on The official sequel to Bram Stoker’s classic novel Dracula, written by his direct Dracula-the undead. Review: Dracula the Un-Dead, by Dacre Stoker and Ian Holt all struck me as entirely appropriate given the undead schemers they face.

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Van Hesling my favorite charter from the pervious book is a tratious old codger? Jack the Ripper in fiction. I realize that it’s important to the continuation of the story to further develop these characters, but did they have to turn every single person into a sad shell of their original selves?

Nov 10, Richard added it. Mina even offers a sardonic quip as the Woman in White dies: Indeed, by most accepted literary standards, the book is not good. It reads like bad fan fiction. Where Dracula created a sense of dread, fear and uneasiness through the power of word and mood, Dracula Undead bashes the reader over the head with gore, dismemberment, impalement and depraved characters.

There are moments were the lack of details makes reading this novel boring and some details are well written that I can feel my heart beating out of my chest. The Jack the Ripper plot was good but overall, the story was too disorganised and at times I was at loss as to where you wanted to go. I could never see the expert vampire hunter succumbing to what he did.

One by one, the band of heroes that defeated Dracula a quarter-century ago is being hunted undeax. It may even be a worse attempt at Dracula fanfiction than Dracula in Love Which is criticism indeed.

Abraham Van Helsingnow a sickly old man, returns to London after hearing of Seward’s death. Aligning the story into the Jack the Ripper crimes really added to my enjoyment too as I am a fan of Ripper theories.

So Dracula’s a good guy, now? Bram Stoker himself even makes an appearance, which could have been interesting, but instead falls flat as a washed up has-been in a loveless marriage trying drzcula regain his once literary status by making his famous Dracula into a play.


Monstrous Literature: The Case of Dacre Stoker’s Dracula the Undead | Hannah Priest –

I can put up with the evil vampire baroness going to the theatre dressed as a man though it is unlikely that a woman dressed that way in that era would have been admitted because they are trying badly to make a point. View all 4 comments. Quincey arrives at Carfax, and is heartbroken to see his mother dead in a coffin. Downloaded this from Kindle and thank the Lorhd I didn’t pay hardcover price for it.

Stoker’s blood relation resurrects Dracula

The criticisms which could be levelled at the writing style and technique of the two authors could equally be applied to the work of many other novelists. The play plunges Quincey into the world of his parents’ terrible secrets, but before undsad can confront them his father is found murdered, impaled in Piccadilly Circus.

Where in the original book was there any reference to Mina ‘betraying’ John and falling in love with Dracula? Dracula the Un-Dead is a strong book that stands on its own.

And Dracula didnt turn Lucy into a vampire because he’s evil. I loved this book. The book itself is an exciting read, and I do enjoy the historical elements Dacre has added to enrich the story and anchor it in the real world.

Stoker and Holt look to progress the entire Dracula story by adding backstories to the well-established characters who brought to piece to life, as well as adding fresh angles to Dracula in this follow-up.

The story is a page-turner; the details are gripping; the horror, well, it’s horrifying. Jul 26, Cheryl Marren rated it really liked it.

Cotford, who received a message that the key to the Ripper murders would be at the theater, tries to arrest Arthur, Mina and Quincey but Arthur and Quincey manage to escape, while Mina is arrested for the murder of one of Bathory’s vampires. Dacre Stoker delved into his ancestor’s handwritten notes on the original Dracula novel to pen his sequel, Dracula: Though many have tried to replicate Stoker’s horror classic—in books, television shows, and movies—only the Bela Lugosi At last—the sequel to Bram Stoker’s classic novel Dracula, written by his direct descendant and a Dracula historian Bram Stoker’s Dracula is the prototypical horror novel, an inspiration for the world’s seemingly limitless fascination with vampires.


Stoker’s blood relation resurrects Dracula | Books | The Guardian

Trivia About Dracula the Un-Dead. In fact, everyone but Dracula is in this book including Jack the Ripper style murders and investigations. Heroes that fell from grace, sure, but maybe there’s a s I have to say I was ecstatic to read Dracula Undead, especially knowing it was written by a direct descendant from the Stoker family and authorized by its estate.

Meanwhile, 16th century Countess Elizabeth Bathory has returned to wreak havoc on those seeking to explore the Dracula question a little more. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Waxworks The Lodger: Webarchive template wayback links Articles needing additional references from November All articles needing additional references Pages to import images to Wikidata.

However they are disturbed when Bathory’s vampiric attendants attempt to attack Basarab, although they are thwarted by Seward. The seeds undezd their implosion were all set into motion during the drackla book. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Stoker’s Dracula 2 books. We are talking melodrama that is so far over the top, it’s down the other side.

I did not go into the book expecting to be gripped by the literary writing style of Bram Stoker and perhaps that is why I was able to enjoy the book. For example, there was a character in the book named Langella. May 30, C. Third, anger that Dacre Stoker made money off this book. The grammar is horrific. Please draclua improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.