Shampoo Planet. Fiction · “My mother, Jasmine, woke up this morning to find the word D-I-V-O-R-C-E written in mirror writing on her forehead with a big. Shampoo Planet by Douglas Coupland – Shampoo Planet is the rich and dazzling point where two worlds collide — those of s parents and their s . Just a year after the cult success of his Generation X, with its tales of somethings, Coupland takes on the vid-kids one dance-step younger. With hair- care.

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You get the same This Coupland book was like comfort food for me. He has written and performed for the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford, England, and in resumed his practice as a visual artist, with exhibitions in spaces in North America, Europe, and Asia.

shamplo His first novel, Generation Xwas published in March of Tyler’s letter to the CEO of Bechtol about HistoryWorld is a classic and could easily be the platform of any progressive politician wishing to remain in perpetual obscurity.

Tyler’s grandparents are also introduced.

SHAMPOO PLANET by Douglas Coupland | Kirkus Reviews

Jun 30, Eric Adriaans rated it it was ok. It was saved from one star by the fact that Coupland has a larger message that he unsuccessfully communicated due to distractions like the above and by the world’s best letter from a mom to a young man.

They are quite wealthy, but they will not share their wealth with their family members. He has been to Europe, and has a secret. At the very introduction of the novel, Dan divorces Jasmine.

These are American children who are left to find a new way to rebel after their parents fought the culture wars of the 60s and 70s–the syampoo wars no one xouglas quite sure who won. Amistades y amores fugaces como el agua entre las manos. They are optimistic when compared with their siblings in the X Generation. It perfectly captured the mood and aura of the early 90s.


Sep 18, Brian rated it liked it. He’s good, though, and perhaps couplannd and pigeonholed because of the Generation X hype. The sensation of being lost comes naturally when a person must name for themselves what it is they’re ultimately looking for, beyond any cultural mythos which has been handed down to them, beyond the goals other adults set for them early in their lives. But there’s nothing in these kids’ databases to show that there are other options, that it wasn’t always dog eat dog.

Price may vary by retailer. Amusing but not memorable. Preview — Shampoo Planet by Douglas Coupland.

Somehow I missed “Shampoo Planet”, his second novel – which came out in the s pretty quickly after his iconic “Generation X. They share a phrase “Earth to Janine” whenever she gets a bit too new age. Such a disappointment from an author that has written so many great things. The hero here is Tyler Johnson who wants to work at Bechdal, a mysterious company that makes doglas. I was fascinated by plnet way Coupland himself, in writing the novel, was so clearly rooting for certain characters, i.

Coupland, who intr So, I’d heard of Coupland for years, of course. Tyler is never hungry or unsafe or challenged by diversity. I felt like I may as well be reading a language I onl ‘Shampoo Planet’ is generally unlikeable.

I don’t think at that age we can truly grasp the bleak future that is a never sham;oo parade of strip malls and McJobs shrouded in a neon disposable culture.

Shampoo Planet by Douglas Coupland

The rest of the town folk who relied on those employees spending money shopping, etc, are now also struggling. I also didn’t like the main character and didn’t care what he achieved, though his relationship with Anne-Louise was nice. Lists with This Book. Whereas his mother’s profundity is lost in a hippy dream of crystals, candles and the like, Tyler’s world is moulded by management books, hair products, going planer the gym and a sense of being straight in a world of chaos.


He souglas to Terminaldeclineville I fail to remember the name Coupland actually uses and pretends nothing happened.

The book is like this: The novel tells the story of Tyler’s life as he arrives home from Europeand the fallout of this trip and beyond. Dec 08, Colton rated it liked it Shelves: There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Jan 09, Flint rated it liked it. Tyler’s worst fear becomes realized as he finds himself working at a chicken fry shop manning the fryer.

Tyler, deciding that his life in Lancaster is not interesting enough, leaves with Stephanie to live in Los Angeles.

Return to Book Page. This book drove me crazy. He just bored me. Aug 28, Alison Smith rated it liked it.


Coupland himself has claimed that the novel is too contrived. Jun 08, Rayroy rated it it was amazing Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. And the most resonant part of the book for me–the part that is perfectly pitched and perhaps a little contrived and the moment of clarity which puts all of Tyler’s longings and disappointments into perspective, the scene which I find oddly missing from other reviews I’ve read of the book–is doug,as This Coupland book was like comfort food for me.

I was really not happy. Shsmpoo by Douglas Coupland.