Double Identity [Margaret Peterson Haddix] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. So my only protection is a kindergarten teacher and a. Double Identity is a young adult novel by Margaret Peterson Haddix. Haddix (the Shadow Children series) releases another suspenseful pageturner here Double Identity. Margaret Peterson Haddix, Author.

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In the beginning of the book her parents take her to her aunt Myrlie.

Full Identitg and Crew. Her parents are a lot older than her friend’s parents, and Bethany is sure that her parent’s siblings are all dead. All of a sudden, they pull up into a driveway of an unknown town, and an unknown neighborhood that Bethany had never been to before. Her parents take her to stay with an aunt that she has never heard of before.

Guiding him is a spiritual figure he calls “The Bearded Man”. The twists and turns are unpredictable and unexpected–the conclusion one I never saw coming.

Maybe it’s a series of books, maybe it’s a single novel. One day, randomly, her haddux got her to pack her belongings and they went a “road trip” to a mysterious place. Elizabeth and Joss were cousins, best friends and Olympic gymnastic hopefuls. The only complaint I have is the story with the villain. All this aside, the book wasn’t bad. And it was the story of where they went from that grief, how they built themselves brick by brick to craft the rest ddouble their lives.


Novels by Margaret Peterson Haddix. Who was this mysterious person and why did everyone talk about her? Everywhere she went everyone would stare at her in astonishment and tell her that she looked like someone that they knew years upon years upon years ago. Then I happened to come across Margaret Peterson Haddix’s books, which offered more than one choice.

Bethany’s only clue is a few words she overheard her father tell her aunt: Sep 03, Leena Ali rated it it was amazing. Then this is the perfect book for you. Search for ” Double Identity ” on Amazon. A few were high class call girls openly sitting in every hotel but many were in the public institutions like schools and hospitals and laboratories and hotel management, teaching and organizing and researching.

Double Identity: Margaret Peterson Haddix: : Books

As identiy questions as she had for Myrlie, she did not ask and she was never rude. Suddenly, Bethany realizes why people in town are staring at her as though they’ve seen a ghost: Bethany continues to learn who she is, apart from Elizabeth, and discover she is valued as an individual by her family.

This is the first book hacdix I have read from the Author Haddix. Elizabeth turned out to be someone that I never imagined. She must learn what is going on with her parents, and why everyone who sees her acts like she’s supposed to be dead note: It is now one of my favorite books. I don’t recall a lot of blonds in Sofia but in Warsaw there were and are hundreds if not thousands of blonds not too unlike her. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. Elizabeth died the day she turned thirteen years old.


Her mother is constantly crying, for starters, and nothing Bethany says or does seems dohble help.

What Is the Author’s Point of View in the Book “Double Identity”?

July Learn how and when to remove this template doublr. Mom cries all the time. The setting of this book is at Bethany”s aunt Myrlie’s house.

Apr 10, Jaina Rose rated it it was amazing Shelves: Bethany wants to find out who is hunting her dad and why. Bethany’s love for her parents doesn’t waver despite all the questions and uncertainties in her head. The main I liked about this were the characters because you could tell as the reader that they all genuinely cared about each other. Double Identity is a young adult novel by Margaret Peterson Haddix. The futuristic setting, including the consensual media circus of daily life, is scarily believable.

A mystery that enchants you with many interesting things. Bethany’s parent’s one day take her to her aunt’s house that she didn’t even know she existed.

You totally have to read it to find out the rest!!!